Local rapper Louisiana Silly Faroes game returns

Fatale Deytryka Fuller AKA Fool Fareal – a story that proves that through adversity and despair is always hope, and the light side of life for each of talent and a dream. Fool Fareal story began when his mother gave birth to him in the back seat of a car in a small northwestern town of Cullen Louisiana.
When he tells the story, he says: “I was born in the car, so naturally, I was born” rider “, it’s just in my blood.” He left early on the straight and narrow path, doing sports, but everything turned out even worse if its representatives of the family & # 39; and presented in the street. While his mother worked, it will take care of my aunt, and from there his older cousin taught him the game.
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Around 1994 it turned out to be a fool deeply related to drugs and gangs. His best friend Zhamara Hood condemned to life of minors under the age of 13 years for participation in a predatory killing, and later in 2003 fool sentenced to 10 years for robbery and distribution of cocaine.
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Fool rap began in the ’90s, but only to its conclusion, it decided to improve their craft and really serious & # 39; ozna make music. In prison, he decided to build a strong relationship with God and go to a more positive outlet through the creation of music from his experience and heart. After his release, he created his own label KASH. City INC AKA Cullen and Springhill City INC. And together they give the game a much needed share of reality.
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Silly Farrell Rises fatal rock

Armed with a new outlook on life, positive attitude, optimistic vision of a strong and solid team behind it KASH. City INC., Fool Fareal plans to move from a small town in Louisiana in the world. With its sharp, audacious and direct style of play on words, Fool Fareal has a unique way to guide you through the vivid images of street life and the reality of the pain that he suffered for his past with the grace and highly orchestrated precision.
His new single featuring artist Shreveport Rap Ant Antz titled “Losing My Kool” now goes to the streets by storm. Fool also released December 7, 2013 Mixtape criticism “Rebirth Of a Dying Breed”. When asked what he brings to the table in the rap game, he modestly said: “I bring a big appetite, the perfect street job, and I promise to give” you an epic story, you won & forget “FSM 2014.
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Lafayette, Louisiana

If you are going to move in Lafayette Louisiana, you are sure to rejoice many exciting things you can do there. Despite all the charm that it offers from historic sites, entertainment to children’s museums, Lafayette – a great place to move something & # 39; and.
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Firstly, Lafayette offers Acadian Village, a park located on 32 acres. It is a typical village with vacation Cajun 1800s. Transformed into a community that passes on her waterways, Acadian Village offers several real houses of the 19th century, which were donated by families. They are equipped with historic wooden pegs and dirty walls, each carefully moving and restored to its original condition. Some of the best examples of landscape painting are in an art gallery, and a replica of forging shops too. It’s really a step back in time and offers fantastic entertainment throughout the year.

Cypress Lake may be one of the most beautiful wetlands, like a lake. Alligators, turtles, birds and fish – all that can be seen on this landmark habitat. It is affectionately referred to as “the Swamp”. It has a rich history and historical significance for the people of Lafayette.
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Jefferson Street Market offers a unique shopping from a central location and 65 shops under one roof. Where you can find beautiful French antiques and fine art regional artists, and it is a good show for the city.

With shopping centers, performing arts center, as well as with universities, Lafayette – a great place to play a little for everyone.


Cycling trip in Louisiana; Shrevport to the border of Mississippi

A trip on a bicycle on the roads Louisiana could be an interesting proposal, and quite challenging. Depending on what time of year you go, can also be a lot of pesky mosquitoes. One route is to get to Shrevport to Vicksburg, Mississippi, and if the crow flies, it is about 175 miles, but remember that we’re going on a bicycle.
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I-20 – it is about 178 miles and a direct gun, but remember that we are not a car and can not drive on the highway, and do not want it. Another route would be to Orange, TX on the border of Waveland, Mississippi, and is approximately 265, plus an additional 15 miles to the Mississippi River on Hwy 90, or you can choose to pick-up as a great stop and rest center vistor & # 39; bit abroad.
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For all practical purposes 265 – a lot of miles and can easily lead you on a night when the bugs bite in the worst case, so let’s look at a northern route to cross the country, and consider traveling 178, is not it? We’ll start in the same river casinos, or I do recommend opening ports research center down the street from the center of the expo, and then go north from one mile to Texas Avenue, which is also a & # 39 is 79/80 Hwy.
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The road is well maintained and safe to hold us Shrevporta and after 220 cycles without incident about 5 miles, and we warmed up for our ride and tour of the city on a beautiful Louisiana. Then it’s an easy trip to Mindy, State Los Angeles, and about 21.5 miles, and then turns off Hwy 79 and sent in Claiborne County, Los Angeles, another nice trip to a place with a lot of nice people, but we will stay on Hwy 80 at this point. After about 8 miles the highway plunges under the I-20 for about 28 miles in Ruston State Los Angeles.
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This concludes the 61 miles for a good break point, and then we continue on Hwy 80 Monroe, LA for 20 miles and then staying on Hwy 80, we again go out of town in Tallulah, passing on Rayville cities, Holy Ridge, Dunn and Delhi. It is about 60 miles. Next, we make a quick breath, and then a good 20-mile ride in Mississippi, crossing the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg. Great job! At this stage of our journey by bicycle across America.
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Elliptic’s boss said that, though Facebook is “taking the flak,” plenty of other companies are exploring asset-backed virtual currencies. “It’s out of the box,” he said. “People are now thinking about this and what’s the right way of doing it.” Even central bankers are floating the idea, with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposing a reserve digital currency and China’s central bank claiming it’s close to releasing its own virtual tokens.
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Going forward, Elliptic is opening offices in Singapore and Japan as part of a push into the Asian market. Japan is an example of a country that’s shown more advances in the industry than others, Smith said, with “major banks” examining ways of offering cryptocurrency services to their customers. The company said revenues in Asia have increased tenfold in the last 12 months alone.
The company recently learned that the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person that visited. That made it harder to track the funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated as a terrorist organization by Israel, the U.S. and the EU.
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“Because we are always on top of what’s about to happen, we can see when those funds start to move to exchanges,” Elliptic’s co-founder and CEO James Smith told CNBC in a phone interview. “We were able to let our customers know that these funds were heading towards them, and they were able to stop them.”


Louisiana Variations from the Federal FMLA

Due to the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and there located oil rigs Louisiana became a hot spot for petrochemical industrial companies, such as Royal Dutch / Shell Group, Dow Chemical and others. While these chemical plants are responsible for the creation of many building blocks that we use every day, some residents of Louisiana believe that the pollution of these plants contribute to high levels of cancer in the country, prazvavshy its “Walk of the river.”
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There is a 85-kilometer Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. This is a strategic location for chemical plants, near the two major cities, as well as the main source of transportation. Thus it is not surprising that in this area have sprouted more than 130 industrial enterprises, close to many small neighborhoods with low income.
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However, the neighbors in the area soon began to meet higher cancer rates than usual, which led them to nickname this piece of “cancer alley”. In fact, in 2002, Louisiana had the second largest cancer mortality in the United States.
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By the way, in the report “Inventory of Environmental Protection” held by the Environmental Protection Agency for the 2000 environment (EPA), the government found that Louisiana also ranks second in the US in the number of releases of chemicals and pollutants in place.
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In addition, the state ranks fourth on the & # 39; the combined on-site and abroad. A staggering seven out of ten major facilities that produce chemicals and exit in Louisiana are in cancer oil. Four of the top ten polluters in place are cancer oil.
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Besides the usual pollutants in these chemical plants it has also been known that there is a spill, such as Condea Vista. It is the corporation has 90 bottling for one year and fined it for release into the environment of 19 to 47 million pounds of ethylene dyhlarydu. It is striking that the chemical may be a human carcinogen, possibly giving the confidence of the inhabitants of & # 39; claims on life in cancer oil.

Unfortunately, if you live near a chemical plant, chemical contaminants are not the only danger you face. In many older plants asbestos used as insulation for protection against heat, flames, electric and chemical. As the plants age, they can release into the air of microscopic asbestos fibers, where they can be inhaled or consumed inside. Asbestos – a well-known human carcinogen that can cause problems such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

If you have lived or worked in the area, which contains a lot of chemical plants, you should talk to your doctor about a test for cancer.


Louisiana – Vacations, Travel Destinations, Agriculture in Louisiana, Forestry, Land for sale

Louisiana – the perfect mix of industry and entertainment

Louisiana, probably the most famous one of the largest cities of the party in New Orleans. But what it seems to forget most of the people that Louisiana – is not only their most famous city, than California than just San Francisco. Cajun culture combined with southern hospitality to make the state one of the most unique and vibrant places to live and visit.
This is reflected in the fact that Louisiana is not only the numerous tourist destinations and recreational facilities, but also the state boasts a thriving agriculture and forestry industry. Not surprisingly, the sale of land in Louisiana are in such demand.
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Rest in Louisiana

As with most of the major states in the South, Louisiana boasts a large number of sports teams that manage recreation culture. It has all the attraction and fanaticism, which you would expect from the South, from the football LSU Tiger to Pelican NBA to New Orleans St Louisiana.
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But it is much more than just watch sports, some of the most interesting things that can be done in Louisiana related to the order to get out there and experience the unique land and culture of the state. On fishing in the Gulf before driving through the swamps and marshes that are infected cats, before hitting the link on the golf circuit Adubun in one square mile of Louisiana more rest than in most states. This can best be found by visiting several state parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Do not forget to also check out the bright theatrical scene Louisiana.
Tourist destinations in Louisiana

If you want to visit Louisiana, most people probably think of New Orleans. Although a visit to Mardi Gras – one of the most unique and exciting things you’ll ever do in your life, the state offers much more than the means of Louisiana tourist routes. From the standard tourist destinations, which can be found in most states, such as the Museum of Art of New Orleans Aquarium of the Americas, to the most unique and surprising, such as the Museum of Bonn and Clyde in an ambush in Gibslande, Zamsky swamp tours in Thibodaux and the Museum of Voodoo in New Orleans, Louisiana, is all. The unique culture of the people making Louisiana one of the most eclectic and tourist destinations in all of Acontinental airlinesmerica.

The farm in Louisiana

Most people who do not understand – is that Louisiana – one of the largest farm states in the country. Thanks to a billion dollars a year in the agricultural industry, the state also with a & # 39 is one of the most important agricultural research centers in the LSU. Agricultural industry is moving a unique blend of generations of farmers who held the land for centuries, and new farmers, who are attracted by the low prices and wide availability of farms and land for sale. However, even if all the economy comes out of the state, available land is so expansive that there are significant opportunities for agricultural growth. In addition, unique methods reassignment land led to a number of creative innovations in Louisiana, for example, conversion of a rice field in the farm cancers in the off-season.
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The forest industry in Louisiana

Timber industry – another big source of income for Louisiana, which constitute the largest sector of agriculture exports. In 1947, the Louisiana Forestry Association was created to regulate forest management and to ensure that the forest industry of Louisiana can not be cut down and perasechtsy. They have coped with their work, as the ground in Louisiana, now 48% of forestry and forestry – the second largest employer in the whole state.

Sale of land in Louisiana

It is an eclectic mix of culture, agriculture, forestry, tourist destinations and recreation makes Louisiana to one of the best destinations for those who want to buy land. Future bright, but prices are still relatively low compared with other countries. Even more, on land sale prices in Louisiana proportionately lower than in other states, having the relative opportunity for buyers. Accents state, one of the main reasons that the sale of land in Louisiana continue to do so well, is that a significant portion of real estate in the state are still not sold. Some economists point out it to underdevelopment of the country as a whole for the first half of the 20th century, but taking into account technological, agricultural and transport achievements Louisiana – is one of the most prominent places for development and growth, is moving into the future.

Those specialty French Quarter, as nowhere else

Gourmets New Orleans is very specific to the favorite native dishes, so do not be confused Cajun (this "low country") with Creole, and we would not want to spoil the French gastronomy (say no more). Especially in the French Quarter of these wonderful family meals have a lot, so let's look at the most popular:

Zhambalov : The traditional combination of French and Spanish Anduy sausage, shrimp, chicken, pork and sometimes, with a focus on the meat and not on shellfish, all sharp and fragrant corner, which includes rice and vegetables, Creole style come from the famous French Quarter; Cajun version does not include tomatoes; this is your basic Spanish paella with French kreolskay kazhunskay or scroll;

Gambia Official Louisiana food, similar to Zhambalov but includes fillets powder (wood spices sasafras) and okra, which are not found in zhambalay. Gumbo is also fed separately over white rice; gumbos, étouffées and dishes from the creoles are considered more difficult to prepare (remember, you are dealing with a very specific version here), and you eat in a restaurant in New Orleans or in other parts of the state; renowned chef Paul Prudomme staked gumbo;

crayfish Etouffee : Another variation zhambalay gumbo and which always includes crayfish or shrimp, a crab may, but does not sausages and other meat; from the French word "choked" and served over rice; It is considered to be a little easier for the two cousins;

(If you plan to cook any of these dishes on their own, it would be wise to just take a bottle of Paul Prudhomema Emir of Lagos with mixtures of spices, to really make them justice.)

According to the & # 39; Boy and Mafaleta : Sandwiches with New Orleans, with very specific ingredients and bread (they can not be found in any salon);

Red Beans & # 39; n Figure : Just as it sounds, spicy rice dish with red beans;

oysters in New Orleans, there are many fresh from salt water Gulf of Mexico, served raw with red sauce in the style of Rockefeller or bread oysters, lightly breaded and fried, between two slices of "buhanskaga bread" and pasted with mayane topped with tomato slices ( not all low-fat diet, for sure, but tasty); Shake a few drops of hot sauce, open a cold brew and you & # 39; re there & # 39 ;;

shrimp Remolad : A favorite of the Creoles, famous restaurants Galatoire & Brennan & & Brennan, aspic shrimp in sharp tomato sauce, served with hard-boiled eggs, sliced ​​cucumbers, and perhaps a few olives, it & # 39; sa winner and don & # 39; # Economy on Tabasco;

Anduy sausage: pork, smoked sausage, originally brought to Louisiana by French immigrants, which was readily incorporated into most of the Creole cooking; if you can not find it, another sausage can be replaced, but it just won, and it will not be, and for God's sake, do not use hot dogs;

Beygnety and a strong cup café au lait : High in any travelers list, these light fried donuts accompanied by strong coffee, so coffee shop du Monde in the French Quarter is always crowded;

Creole pudding : It looks like my mother, but did not serve bourbon without sauce;

Banat Foster : Created and still-high drawer in the famous Brennan's restaurant in 1951, this island has a rich creamy dessert and brown sugar sauce over vanilla ice cream;

creme brulee Legendary Palace Commander in the French Quarter of rock with their main dessert version of the flank or Italian creme caramel, but with a burning sugar-filled, taken from the Parisian chefs and first popularized in New York in the famous restaurant Le Cirque (do not say that any self-respecting fan itself New Orleans);

And of course, no article about the cuisine of New Orleans would not be complete without the two most popular (and powerful) cocktails:

hurricanes Made of two kinds of rum and fruit juice, do not leave home without aspirin or a designated driver; and

Ramos Gin Fiz , The perfect combination of gin, lemon juice and laymavaga, cream, egg white and soda cinquefoil, do not be fooled his seemingly innocent sparkling taste, if you issue & # 39; etse few, it can be fatal; created by Henry Ramos, who led the Imperial cabinet showroom in downtown New Orleans, unfortunately, no longer exists, but the drink, fortunately, is still very popular; this is not your main gin and tonic;

Well, you have it. The best New Orleans has to offer. No other place does not make it too, and local residents will be the first to know. If you are lucky enough to get to New Orleans, do not miss these incredible dishes. The Big Easy is arguably the largest waist. Enjoy.

honest Omer

Omer Gan was Baton Rouge, Louisiana best adviser for the money, while the young driver, who was playing with his smartphone, crashed with its new sporty Ford pickup mosquitoes Iroq in Omer. Though his body has not suffered major damage, he died instantly. Ten minutes later, paramedics arrived and tried to revive him but could not. They carefully picked Omer and put him into the ambulance.

Although doctors examined him, Omer died. Then he was taken to the morgue. Members of his family & # 39; and, consisting of Judy, his wife and their two sons, Brian and Alex, were caused by the death of Omer. They arrived at the hospital just in front of friends who have heard about the tragedy.

Omer grew up and went to school in Baton Rouge. He studied at the University of Louisiana, where he studied accounting in the 1980s. When finished four years of study, he graduated Magna Cum Laude. After graduation, he married Judy favorite college and had some & # 39; S. He knew so much about taxes and personal investment, he had a lot of clients on tax preparation.

He was to blame honestly, so people called him "Honest Omer", or short "Honest." He always gave great financial advice to those who trusted him. From January to April, he was busy with taxes; everyone wanted him to do my taxes, and he graciously obliged them. Nevertheless, he was overwhelmed and burst into a kind of nervous obsession that led him to count and count many times, when everyone got taxes to the federal and state contributions and sent to the IRS.

Omer died on April 12th. Oddly enough, his funeral took place on April 15 in honor of Tax Day. After his coffin placed on a six-meter hole, his pastor read a few passages from the Bible. Pastor Tom Bufard told about the life of the Omer Ghana as an honest man, to which people could count their money. Bufard continued to glorify the Omer as a devotee tax specialist.

Bafford said: "On this day – 15 April, the day when all the taxes should vpaminatstsa, we honor the memory of Omer Ghana …" Suddenly, the coffin began to shake. Omer fell and got up quickly. The expression of each face turned into a horror. Then Omer said: "I forgot to do my taxes !!" and he ran away.

It said, in life there are two loyalty: death and taxes. But in the case of Omer Ghana, there is only one thing – taxes.

Review of the book "The same view as I do"

For those who feel a call to serve the homeless, like the story. This is a literal dream. Memories filled with stories that may not believe, but I do. In this world there is good and evil. We forget that injustice was recently in America.

I was born after the civil rights when technology began to change our world. Before the birth was another place in the country. Denver was born on a plantation in Louisiana at that time had forgotten.

At the end of the history of Denver, Ron returned to the place in Louisiana and was shocked by what he saw. Denver was older than Ron, but their worlds are growing up different. Ron also grew cotton picking, but it was white and continued college and car & # 39; a career in features.

Denver never attended school and learned to read and write. He ran away from the plantation about thirty years old, and spent ten years in prison in Angola for attempted robbery bus. After prison, he lived for many years on the homeless in Texas, but I felt that it was better than where he was.

God gathered Deborah, Ron and Denver together. It was literally a match made in heaven. At the heart of Deborah it was necessary that they should voluntarily participate in their local mission and make friends with a specific person. She later died of cancer, and the two men continued to rally as friends closer to God and continue to work to improve conditions for the homeless, who carried out the mission.

After the death of Deborah has collected enough money to upgrade the mission, and contributors have included a new memorial chapel in her honor. Denver began to draw and to travel with Ron to share your story. Eventually they recorded it in book form.

In 2017 he came out as a movie. I was not able to see in the theater, but as soon as it comes out on DVD, I get it and I will be ready to use. I know I'm going to fight all the time. I love these stories, because I have had similar experiences. My never become books or movies, and will not end, but I understand the heart behind them. It's like when you read or watch the story, someone gets you.

That someone is God. He knows all of our history.

Review of the book "Lady" Mystery novel Tammy Hoag

Tammy Hoag book "Happy Lady" is a bit different from previous novels, but it is certainly interesting and brings the reader into a world that is not often examined: the backwoods of Louisiana or Kayunskaga alley! Below is my review of the happy lady Tammy Hoag.

The main characters:

Serena Sheridan : A successful psychiatrist in Charleston returns home to Louisiana

varnishes Duet : The mysterious and potentially dangerous Cajun, which is feared most

Shelby : Sister Serena, who had her did not suit

Gifard Sheridan : Santa Serena with a large ancestral home, which is trying to acquire chemical company

plot :: If Serena Sheridan returns to his native home for a break from the psychiatric practice in Charleston, South Carolina, she encounters an unexpected problem. Her grandfather left his home and moved to Louisiana Bayou, where he keeps a house for fishing and hunting.

He seems unable to cope with financial problems at home and business, as well as the opportunity to sell its large chemical company that wants to build a plant on the territory of the property. Of course, her sister wants him to be sold, so she could get money to help promote political dream husband.

Serena has to decide on the Bayeux, and the only person who can get it – is the shadow character named Lucky Duet. At Lucky does not have bad reputation, and nobody seems to know much about him except that he lives in and his fear Bayu locals.

Happy and Serena, will soon learn to love and respect each other, that develops into an unusual love story. Lucky is not the most dangerous criminal, but a quarterback battle and the people who live there. He holds the poachers and those who want to harm.

At Lucky has his demons, with whom he has to fight, trying to help Serena to convince her father not to sell the property.

I liked the way Tammy Hoag, describes the battle, and you really feel like you're in a canoe and view the battle. Dialog Lucky – a Cajun French, and this makes the book a real and very romantic. Back has a dictionary in the translation of the French phrase, so that you know exactly what Lucky says!

Happy woman full of mystery, action, intrigue and plenty of romance. I usually read mystery and crime novels, but found it a refreshing break with an unusual love story. I really enjoyed this book and I think that the majority of fans Tami Hoag women enjoy this book.

For men, the novel can be too much, but I personally do not mind this and re-read this book somewhere in the future. In general, this page has been turning the pages 342 and very pleasant reading from cover to cover.

Reconstruction Pinchback: History chapter PBS Pinchback government

Lily Elizabeth Stuart was a graduate student, when Dr. Joe Gray Taylor, chairman of the history department Makniskaga State University, asked her to write a review for the scientific journal of the latest proposal of the famous historian. The book, which she had to consider and, if necessary, to criticize, was the first and only biography ever written about Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinbeka, the governor of Louisiana, and the reconstruction of the first African-American, who became governor of one of the States. Since the book was the author James Haskins, the famous scientist, she was worried that it is considered as shy, or even for the & # 39; Should she reveal shortcomings in the work. I know that I was there; She was my mother.

Why did Dr. Taylor, the historian, who at the time was perhaps the leading expert on US reconstruction in Louisiana asked a graduate student to take on such a task? The answer lies in the fact that my mother decided to write a thesis on PBS Pinchback and went in the midst of years of primary research on this topic. In fact, she was the most qualified person to write this review. Late link to my mother to James Haskins & # 39; Biography in her own book about Pinchback partly shows the results of the survey, which she wrote for the magazine Louisiana History Journal. She recorded her opinion of Mr. Shepherd Haskins & # 39; The book is a noble, though not quite in his favor:

"James Haskins" skillfully combines fact and suggests to create the first and only biography
PBS Pinchback, making knowledge about the famous black leader more accessible to the general public. "

Elizabeth Stewart has taught at the school, taking care of her husband and children, and knocked her dream throughout their lives, a master's degree history that it has reached, almost simultaneously with the master's degree in library science, diploma glory. Dr. Taylor was her advisor for the thesis and almost completed its awarded work on the reconstruction in Louisiana. She enthusiastically study and practice of history and was delighted to present it to the highest achievement of the teacher. I am proud to show in his home a copy of the reconstruction of Louisiana, which he approved it. It was among her most cherished possessions.

Although it is too educated to be attributed to the history of grinding axes, it is well aware of the controversy related to Pinchbeck, much of this has been associated with corruption and chic, well-known at that time in the South, especially in Louisiana.

"The fact that he joined other politicians of his time, using their position for personal financial gain, with the & # 39 is a reality. Participation Pinchbeck in the company of the ferry boats" Mississippi "and the land deal, which he made at a time when Commissioner park brought him an income while it cost the state many thousands of dollars … (and) make up a small part of the network of corruption, bribery and unethical practices, for which the Republicans have been accused during the reconstruction in Louisiana. "

If we let go of past players for such failures and defects of character, we would have to be removed from the records of their sacrifices and achievements that would be short-sighted as to the kind that always dragged along with the "feet of clay". A haven of nobles in the & # 39; parts; & # 39; try to separate the greatness of the nature of the defect, it is to create a scientific experiment, and not to engage history. In any case, we have only what was recorded while the participants with whom it was possible to navigate in the past. Although the available evidence suggests that there is much we must ultimately seek to record in the light of the controversial opinion that "they were there, and we did not have."

History should have the last word, as he wrote the great French historian Marc Bloch in his unfinished work "History", as the "story & # 39 is the most authoritative for dictators." M. Bloch knew something about the dictator, because he wrote the previous sentence as a prisoner by the Nazis, before killing them.

Thus, Mrs. Stewart apologizes and is not justified, but rather, is sufficient historical data efficiency, to explain and understand Pinchbeck, a job that no one had so far (and not of the time), did not even try. She firmly believes that men should be considered in the context of their own time, and often had to say: "I am a shepherd."

On my next inline-six presidents, my six presidents, unpublished documents Jeanne Tomer (known Pinchbeck grandson and author Kane) and hundreds of related documents showed excellent black political leader at a time when the idea itself & # 39; black political leader & # 39; In America was reckless and undesirable anomalies and sinister work, even for a relatively light skin & # 39; Blacks & # 39; e.g., Pinchback. Although a rare historical moment "conditions were favorable" (from 1870 to 1877 was called "The era of black power in Dixie"), she recorded for posterity the difficulty, danger and uncertainty Pinchback & # 39; s fortune.

Pinbek himself could not feel protected, and never ceased to build a bulwark or a shrine to his mother, "who knew slavery", his wife of sixty-one years old and beloved children and grandchildren.
"Pinchbeck need more than his identification as a quadrilateral to be a great black reenactors" – wrote Stewart in his introduction. Then, with the accuracy of the historian studies and experience of southern women, grown in the Jim Crow South, which threw the fanaticism of her homeland, she demonstrates how to fight Pinbbeka with white people, and if not then simply to survive in an increasingly dangerous Dixie.

Pinchbeck was not unique among black people that his happiness, sometimes significant, "have been inextricably linked with those of his race." It flourished during the renovation, but was significantly disrupted the time of death in 1921.

Frederick Douglass, a mutual friend and supporter Pinchback, died in 1895, leaving a black leader WEB DuBois addiction. At the turn of the century Pinchbeck was considered too close to the "Buteksadystav" led by Booker T. Washington, and thus, most of the twentieth century in the & # 39; wrong side & # 39; history.

There are no data and signs that Pinchbeck ever read a book Harryet Beecher Stowe, which manirue the term used for the next generation of its humiliation and tuskeganav labeled "Uncle Tom." Mrs. Stewart assures us that the historical record does not support such a simple offensive; disparagingly hardly able to hold back the breath and complexity of such men as Washington and Pinbbek.

Although since the current job with the & # 39; was more enlightened view & # 39; new & # 39; View, at least at Pinchbeck, largely based on the awareness of the tragedy that took place on the black people time Pinchbeck, and less on careful study of the elusive ex-governor. Book Mrs. Stewart on Pinchback – is the study of the historical and historian at the scattered and disappearing records and confirms that intuition and modern rejection of the sustainable prejudice seems to have concluded: that Pinchbeck and other strong, made their own black men and women stood up to them count up how to make it safe conditions, it is a historical axiom. And the fact that he and others are stored before abvinavachvalnikami, killing life, if the transition to second-class citizenship has been the law of the land, with the & # 39 is a reality.

Modern browsers can not seem to wrap up this very ambitious and energetic person. Pinchbeck is mentioned in almost all the books of the reconstruction, written after World War II, but as if hoping not to ask about the details, historians still, except for this operation, neglected to go beyond its minimum duty to mention the fact of its existence. And who could blame them? Information about Pinchback outside of government documents was and remains difficult to obtain. Already in 1974, fifty years after the death of Pinchbeck was still absent from the list of governors of my history textbook eighth grade Louisiana.

The historical science of the nineteen seventies really improved on the & # 39; sites through which we can view the tuskeganav led by Booker T. Washington — they are now with the & # 39 are necessary and & # 39 are neodymium & # 39; emnay part common aspirations for full citizenship rights for black Americans. Less attention is now focused on who was the & # 39; so that & # 39; or who is best achieved political and civil rights, what seemed important in the years that were directly after the Martin Luther King assassination, and more than paid for the skill, sacrifice and achievements of men and women who hold the line, so that later leaders could move again business forward.

Post "Reconstruction of the south" has generated a historical paradigm enriched kategarystym region that decided to throw any idea against whom they fought or were forced to take full citizenship for blacks. War they lost in 1865, was, and they disputed (and I often heard the grandmother claims) "war of northern aggression," no more and no less. to "The rights of States were a problem" or revisionists argued about and actually desire to protect domestic slavery of the South, as well as the desire of the North, albeit latent, see how slavery vykaranyaetstsa of land. where almost a hundred years before that all men were declared equal.

Revisionist historians, when unsuccessful use of the phrase, trying to light a warm, nostalgic light south-antennas, and for some time was able to lay out the case for "axiom" that black citizens can not trust the political power and detained people like Pinchbeck, as proof of its claim . However, the laws of Jim Crow, who swept like fire in the south in the early twentieth century, as well as attempts to start a civil war begun by their separation and rekindle the union as a "just" war for the rights of free citizens, refuting their arguments, that the struggle was waged for the state of law. Poor whites in the South feared the free black population, affluent whites feared the loss of his fortune, and thus, their way of life was based on the enslavement of an entire class of Americans. Pinbek and his colleagues in the struggle for full citizenship, were in the heat of change records either lost the story, and if there & # 39; lost & # 39; then the insult referred to as "corrupt" and even "dangerous".

Mrs. Stewart's mission was not to build a "review"; Pinchbeck and history of his times, but rather the reverse record. Her mother's education and grandmothers who were born and raised in the South after Reconstruction, made her notice that the "rest of the women of the south (and possibly contrary to, at least in part, different feminist revisionist history), slavery continued steadfastly".

In the 1970s the work of Joe Gray Taylor and James Haskins, and since then the rise of scholarships for reconstruction, in the forefront of which are historians such as Eric Foner, Hans Trefus tunnel and Ted took Pinchbeck too.

Pinchbeck revival began with Haskins & # 39; Biography in 1973, after which the project pagrudvannya ex-governor, situated among the governors of colleagues in your favorite state House of Huey P. Long was made. Pinchbeck wrote, and then fought for the text of the Louisiana Constitutional Convention in 1879, which included the creation of the Southern University, where he "would be respected", and where new engineering complex bears his name.

Despite the fact that the attitude to "academics" have changed in favor of the previously suspected Black leaders, this is still the only comprehensive scholarship PBS Pinchback.
Mrs. Stewart participated in the "flurry of scholarship in the 1970s" for reconstruction, for which Professor Foner cites in his landmark book "Forever: The Story of the liberation and reconstruction." In light of his teacher Joe Gray Taylor, as well as the works of other historians that already exist, it did not make the volume of the reconstruction itself, but rather about the history, as far as we know, one of the period – the finest leaders.

In the introduction to the reconstruction of Pinchbeck Mrs. Stewart starts to express their explanations of the extraordinary life and times of Pinchbeck:

"Meteor Pinchbeck rise to key positions in the government of Louisiana 1867-1877 years," she writes, "… he has forced observers to characterize him as a brilliant politician who is looking for himself, useful, dangerous, corrupt, vertical, and insightful." Hegel reductionism NOT I would do. She would like, first of all, to understand, and as such is its pristine, elegant clear prose lacks the ornamentation and editing (& # 39; & # 39 assumptions;

She had hoped to find a more simple terms to convey the enormous complexity of the post-war Louisiana to highlight the life of one person within the available evidence — "boiler witch" — and she agreed with the Einstein he said that he hoped to find a more simple conditions for complex and tortuous designs: "But it is not too easy." I was present when my mother called her search for the historical material on Pinchback "finding a needle in a burning hay."

Agnes Smith a penny in the 1940s, wrote a fascinating and scientific history of political car & # 39; EASURES Pinbbeka, but the story is narrowed in 1877, leaving a record Pinbeka in the remaining forty-four. years, in fact, nevuchanyya secular historians. "Confusion of future generations," wrote Stewart (and, of course, preventing historians), "is the fact that personal documents Pinbbeka were burned immediately after death", an act which is always considered abominable. it could not be proved.

But mom is not scared away, and after more than ten years, dedicated to thorough research, it was true that provides the truth about man and the rest of the story PBS Pinchback & # 39; th beautiful and productive life.

Dog Catta Whatta? – Excellent Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

Louisiana katahulskaya leopard dog, also known as katahulskaya leopard dog katahulski Coeur and / or katagulskaya dog pigs – one of, if not the oldest rocks found in the United States. First recorded in 1686 in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, these amazingly beautiful, fearless, tireless, hard-working dogs with spotted leopard-like spots and white and pale blue eyes, immediately considered important weight in gold.

The word "Catahoula" is considered to be tainted version of the Choctaw Indian word for "beautiful clear water" … aptly describing their amazing white / light blue "glass" eyes.

Is believed to be descendants of the Spanish military dogs Hernando de Sotos (greyhounds and mastiffs), abandoned 100 years earlier; They were captured and diluted with the "dogs" which are considered domesticated red wolves; owned by the Choctaw Indians in the region of Lake Catahoula, Louisiana. Later, they were bred with dogs that early settlers brought with them to Louisiana. From this three lines were obtained.

Three lines from which they descend: Macmillan, Fairbanks and Wright; each with its own particular distinctive feature. Regardless of their genealogy, they are great dogs! The Indians, trappers and settlers recognized the value of their tireless and courageous nature. Used to drive the wild boar from the forest, they instinctively incites the animal. Squeak their goals attracts other wild pigs in the area. Then the dog would draw not one, but several, to pursue them, to arrange the owners traps. Wild pigs will follow the dog in the pen, and at that moment the dog gently mashtabue him to safety. The rest of the dogs were covered pen input, if the owner closed the gate, leaving the wild pigs trapped. It is also dangerous that it was all for the day of the Catahoula!

Catahoula proved its worth in other valuable ways. Designated as the "smell" of the dog, including unusual nose and webbed feet, Catahoula easy "wind" and a herd of cattle lost, "screwing" them out of the swamp filled with alligators.

Hunters and hunters estimated high stability. They are not only the "tree" opossum and raccoons, they would have to climb a tree to keep it there!

What you need to know about leopard kataulavskaga dog before buying it:

1. Temperament: Loyal owner; they are not particularly friendly to strangers. They are stubborn, high-energy, energetic and persistent. Perfectly independent – they are natural leaders of the pack.

2. The capacity of guard dogs: very protective of them something & # 39; and … a human or animal.

3. With the other dogs: No dogs … can be aggressive, especially with the very floor.

4. Children: Good with children they are "grown" and if they satsyyalizavalisya like a puppy. Because of the innate instinct of the shepherd, they should closely monitor the small children.

5. Small Animals: Not good with small animals. High Drive predator. It should be socialized at a very young age.

6. Activity Level: tireless – you need at least 2 hours running exercises every day – this dog was bred to work … she needs a job!

7. Special skills: beautiful hunting dog can be aggressive to livestock.

8. Health – usually healthy, except for possible hip dysplasia and eye problems. The more white dogs, the greater the likelihood of problems with hearing and / or vision.

9. Size: Medium – Height – 20-26 inches Weight varies depending on how the three lines are down.

McMillan – 50 – 60 pounds

Fairbanks – 65-70 pounds

Wright – 90-110 pounds

10. Life expectancy: an average of 10-14 years.

11. Learning Potential: exceptionally high.

12. Ability to solve problems: High

13. Care departure: Minimum – coat with a short to medium.

It should be noted the novice dog owner does not meet this incredible dog. They will run around! To channel their energy, as an attempt to control the lightning in a bottle! This is not a dog, which will delight in the apartment, an apartment or a small fenced yard … remember them without much effort can talk six feet plus a pen!

Practice: Dogs leopard Katapulskaga requires perseverance, strong leaders who will respect the exercise of their dogs, challenge them in mind and require their attention. In this breed is almost a sense of wildness.

They respond best to positive reinforcement training without punishment. They love to learn and with every new challenge to meet with enthusiasm. They can be aggressive in dog parks. They may be constantly devoted and affectionate to their owners.

Even despite the fact that the American Kennel Club does not recognize them yet, Louisiana, he showed this beautiful animal. In 1979, the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog honored and recognized it as the state dog.

Fishing Friday Radio Interview & # 39; nd Derek Hadnall, who failed to qualify for the 2019 Bassmaster Classic Classic

Hello everyone, and welcome fishing Dig IN.

Today I'm excited. Today we are here Derek Hadnall.

Derek – the main fisherman Bass Masters League with Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Derek 38 years old, he was born and raised in Baton Rouge. His wife, Anne, daughter Peyton, whose three and Braxton, who 15.

In fact, he grew up in a fishing something & # 39; and, he competed on a fishing trip in Louisiana with 16 years. His first Bass Master Open was in 2016, and it was then that Derek started fishing full-time. Every year he fished all departments Bass Master Open, to increase its versatility and its chances of getting the right to participate in a series of Bass Master Elite. He finished third overall in 2018, which qualified him for the Elite Series 2019 Bass Master Classic 2019. Hello Derek.

I am glad that here.

Thus, Derek, that you are now going to?

Man, I just went out of the way. I left Baton Rouge, Louisiana, around 5:00 AM Central time today in the morning, and then I just arrived in Anderson, South Carolina at Lake Hartwell, who & # 39 is our next event in the elite series in April, so I'm here to look around, to … look around this place before we cut to read this before starting to practice here in April. And I'm going out of here in Knoxville to start practice for bass masters classics.

I started. So you started fishing at the age of 16 years, but you can talk to us about how you actually start fishing?

Well, I grew up in a fishing family & # 39; and how you met. My dad was very famous in Louisiana, he was one of the most successful tournament anglers in Louisiana. And so I grew up under it. Thus, I was in the boat, since I could walk. Of course, I began to fish in tournaments with my dad when I was young, and then in the age of 16 … This is usually age limit when you can start fishing as an amateur, as a fisherman in some FLWBFL, and so on that, and it just blossomed from there. Thus, I was destined to have a fishing rod and reel in his hand one time or another in my adult life. But, man, I just took it and ran with it, but I was fortunate to grow in the home, where it was part of everyday life. It was part of our soul, it was part of our dinner, breakfast and lunch every day, so I was lucky enough to do it, and I was lucky enough to have a really good teacher.

Well, it seems to me that you started fishing compete. One, it's in your genes. Secondly, it is in your family & # 39; and, but you competitive in all other sports, besides fishing?

You know, there's … You know, not like now, but of course, I was engaged in baseball and football, and my 15-year-old son Braxton really great baseball. So I … Competitive spirit mind is definitely in the genes, and hey, why not fish competitively? And get paid to do it.

So, man. So let's talk about your competitive fishing. What is the biggest problem that you discovered in competition at the level where you are?

You know, I think it's the greatest … I would not even call it a problem, but, you know, like most competitive people in general, this is the case with you, you can not win them all. It's … You just can not win them all, and I am very hard on myself, like any competitive person, and it is only then that you can not win them all. Because usually we are not satisfied, if not win, just like everyone else. But I believe that if you have found the biggest problem, I think, in general, would be tribal. As for the Bass Master Elite Series, this … We do not have many days off at home there very long periods of time. Being away from my biggest support staff and my family & # 39; and hard, but they still get to breeding, they have come to the elite tournament series in the tent, Florida. Of course, they will be there in Groves and Knoxville, Tennessee. I think that has seven & # 39; and half of the city Knoxville booked for it. But it is, perhaps, the most difficult part – is separation from family & # 39; and.

That's right. Not only fishing tournaments and practice, but you have a lot of sponsorship commitments?

I do. In fact, the person I have gained quite a good social media. I'm doing a series of Life on Facebook called Build Your Brand. Where I help young fishermen build the business side of their brand. And so I said it my rule to never call them sponsors, is to call them partners. And yes, yes, I have a very, very good team partner with a lot of commitment. I have to work the show and I have to do an interview with & # 39; w, and so. And in fact, a couple of my biggest partners – it's me, I'm so lucky to imagine my state of Louisiana. If you go there, when someone will see me on social networks, either on the road or in a tournament, you will see how Louisiana feeds your soul throughout my boat and truck.

And I have the honor to take to the streets and to the excellent state in which I live, and it's more than that … I had to call their obligations, because it's just more a part of who I am, and I am a part of who I am I do. Or a part of who I am and of what I am doing. And this is only part of the attempt to become the best ambassador for the brand, which I can be.

Nice, fantastic. Thus, you do it for a long time. What have you learned that helped you achieve success at this level?

Well, this is in contrast to baseball, and I am very involved with many youth organizations of fishing, and I tell them the same thing. This is a sport where … Let's, for example, baseball. You can not teach someone fast ball for 95 miles per hour. It's just not something you can teach, is mandatory. This is what you need to have. It's something … hand eye coordination, it's just something that should be in your DNA. Where fishing does not necessarily work that way.

Fishing more … And I say this a lot, that's … Guys … your boys high level tour, Elite Series, FLW, even MLF, much of what makes these guys so good. is their ability to catch fish instinctively. And I, what I mean by fish instinctively, is the ability to go to find anything, to fish and compete to win. Because a lot of what you see going on, especially in the elite series of events, which are the four … It may last four days, the guys do not know what they are doing from day to day. We exercise only two and a half days, and I can promise you that this is not enough time to say, hey, four-day match, I'm going to do this one day, this day two, this day three, and on this day four . You are lucky if you get it for maybe two days, but then you catch the new water.

And many of these guys have the ability to trust your instincts, trust your gut and go with what they … Go with what they think will work, and it works for them more times than not. Thus, the most important thing will be fishing and instinctively trust the gut. This, too, can be one of the hardest things as a professional fisherman, get to that level. Because we simply do not have much time to find out.

Or are you one of those instinctive fishermen, or you make a plan for a particular body of water?

Well, you know, so instinctively. I found that especially in the last years of my car & # 39; EASURES, getting here, I have found that in a tournament I had to fish more instinctively. Because it is … As a professional fisherman or anyone out there listening to fishing tournaments, you spend two, three or four days in the reservoir exploration, and you will find … Well, I can do it, do it, but passes half day, and what you are doing is not working. This is one of the most difficult things, like fishing tournament, is to stop and do something else. I have to go find something else. I have to run the new water. I have …

You know a lot of people, hey, I caught them on a worm in fifteen feet of water at these points and go through three or four hours, and they still did not bite, but they do not change. They continue to do so, and they continue to do it, and they continue to do so. Thus, when I say that I instinctively caught fish, it means that something is not working, you have to leave what you're doing to find something else. Do something else. Yes, yes, I consider myself to be an instinctive fisherman, but I think you really have to be to achieve this level. And even before the end … In the last year in Revelation it was a good year, and fishing third on points. Of the four events in the Central heart, I can tell you about three of them, I had to fish instinctively. I had to start new water during events because something went wrong, or something did not go as I had planned to find a new fish and still compete.

You know, instinctively and fishing is similar to that when you're going and you seem to be … you are working on your plan that you have in the morning, how long will you sit? You actually watch the clock, and then get up to half an hour, an hour, hour and a half, and nothing happened. And you like it, well, it's time to change. Or are you more like that feeling?

This. This is absolutely a feeling that … At some point, when your gut starts to tell you, I need to move. I need to move, I have to go, I need to try something else. I need to go somewhere else, that's when you need to do this step. In this there is no doubt. Of course, if you do not catch the shadow spawn, and something like that, this is only the first hour of daylight. Or spotted bass in the summer, when it's really the first 30 minutes are so important, before you give up something. Man, all to feel that it is some sense of my fishing instinctively, that you have to trust their own instincts. And if your gut says that this does not work, you have to move. You have to change and trust.

This instinct you think that's what you've always had? Or did you know that over the last 20 years?

You know, I absolutely learned it. The man did not so long ago. Indeed, my first 2016 2017 I have had good experiences I have had not so good events. And then I knew that I must begin to change the way of fishing. I had to start … You know, I have a predisposition, as many anglers, you have a tendency to grind. You know, I found the fish in the pocket, and they just sit there and catch it slowly as possible, as much as possible and try to methodically and eventually just feel like you're chasing a ghost.

But a couple of years ago, I began telling myself that I must begin to learn to fish more instinctively. I have to start to move, if I know that something is not working. I have to start to listen to your gut. And yes, indeed, over the last couple of years I started to force myself to do it, and it is amazing how almost every event, when I forced myself to start new things, if Plan A does not work, I have been successfully working only instinctively. Or the fact that many who likes to call a jump on a fishing trip. Just everything you can do to try to bite or try to find a new model.

Because the last thing you want to do is try to figure out which model is not in the day of the game. So, like the answer to your question, yes, I had to change himself as a fisherman. Especially in the last couple of years, because the fishing Bass Master opens, you have another 200 people who are trying to qualify for the series Bass Master Elite, and it's the same thing you do. And you can not have a bad event. In order to get into the top five at the end of the year, you really can not have a bad event. You should have four solid very good event, to be there at the end. So I think that someone will be very difficult not to catch fish and get Bass Master Elite Series is much less survive by doing this.

Do you think that this is the most important thing about what you have learned since you started to compete at this level?

That's what I said. I do not think that there is a doubt that I had changed and become better anglers in the past couple of years – is the ability to instinctively fish. An opportunity not to be disturbed for example: "I need to leave that found the practice, and I have to go do something else." And, as I said earlier, it makes it very difficult. Because in your mind, well, I practice so well done, flipping jigs and downs, but it's gone, and this is really hard to leave. Well, I have to get out here and start making jerks the bait, I have to go deeper here with a device for swimming, or just something else. But it is without doubt the most important change.

I started. And finally, as we approach the end of our interview with & # 39; u, I always ask these two questions. If you are ready, what is your most successful fishing secret?

The most successful fishing secret? Fishing your strengths. And I know that this may seem lost answer, but it's true. Because there are times when, if I can give you a quick example? The lake Veneer, where we had just arrived, the first two days of practice I had three bites in two days. And I was fishing with deep clear water, but I'm fine man. I do not mind … I can catch them deeply, but I'm fine man. That's just … So on the last day of practice I got shallow where it is not supposed to be a fish, and there I found them. Thus, when I say my best … your greatest … My biggest fishing secret, if nothing else works, catch their strengths.

Come back to what you know.

That's right.

All right. Okay, question number two. What is your most successful or favorite lure or bait?

It's simple. Missile bait D Bomb. It's something … That little missile decoy D Bomb, probably put more money in your pocket, and then any other unusual bait to my arsenal. I – a guy missile device Pro SAS, but before I got in touch with John Cruz, he and I are now good friends, but it was a couple of years before we even joined, and I won a lot of money on his bait, and he saw her and he followed me. But this is just one of these … This confidence in me, I know that when I swim for one thing, he & # 39; eat it. But the missile decoy D Bomb – it is absolutely a fishing machine.

It's weird. I would like to thank you for what you took part in our show, but before you go, it is a professional fishing, and we all have to pay some bills. Thus, you have something that you want to promote? And if so, tell our listeners what it is, and how can they get it?

Well, hey, man, there's a lot of things. Guys, if you want to travel, go to Louisiana, Toledo Bend, which is, of course, world famous. Make sure you're acquainted with the state of Louisiana. North Toledo Bend State Park, South Toledo Bend State Park, they are fully equipped cabins, all you will ever need. But do not hesitate if I have any cost help you guys.

What's your number, Derek?

My number is 225-763-1001.

Fantastic. Derek, thank you for the great information. I want very much to thank you for what you were on our show.

Hey, man. My pleasure, at any time.

Derek, good luck in the Elite Series this year.

Thank you, sir.

Take care.

Three reasons Gumbo shopping

In the US, there are two shops with a Goomba, one in Louisiana and one in Missouri. Both serve food with the Creoles.

Let's start with the Gumbo Shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first reason to check this place out – is that it is close to many other restaurants in the Creole style. Thus, if you plan to spend a few days in New Orleans, this restaurant could be one of the places where you eat, in your efforts to experience true "Louisiana food." Their address and phone number:

630 St. Peter St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
Ph: 504-525-1486

The second reason is there that they not only provide tasty food, but they do so in an attractive setting. In addition to seating options in the room, shop Gumbo New Orleans also offers outdoor seating. Thus, on a clear and sunny day you can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, if you are applying for yourself some of the Cajun dishes.

Finally, the third reason is that they offer options for vegetarians. Vegetarian dish of the day is only $ 9.99, and there are plenty of side dishes, salads and deserts, which are also safe for vegetarians.

Other shops Gumbo is located in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri. Although both restaurants claim to be the same name, they are not related to each other. The only similarity is that they both offer food in Louisiana style krealskuyu food.

There are three reasons that you should check out this restaurant if you are in St. Louis. But first, here's their address and phone number:

9501 Manchester Road
Rock Hill, Missouri, 63119
Ph: (314) 918-8747

The first reason why you should visit this restaurant is that it is small enough. If you prefer a meal in a more relaxed atmosphere, this place. It is home to about 30-40 people, so you are not alone, but you are not overwhelmed.

The second reason to check this place – it's one of the few places outside of New Orleans, which is preparing real food in Louisiana style. Not many places have the experience and the history that these guys have.

Finally, Gumbo Shop in St. Augustine Louis offers catering. Thus, if you have a big event coming in the company or taken & # 39; family unity & # 39; and, it may be the perfect option for you. In addition, the restaurant hours are rather limited, so if you happen to want to & # 39; to eat the food, if you know that they have won, just order a bunch of food ahead of time and invite your neighbors in good eating!

Wherever you were – New Orleans or St. Louis – try one of these stores Gumbo, to experience real food with the Creoles.

Criminal defense – the difference between petitions and applications to help after conviction

Consideration of the appeal and the application for release from condemnation in Louisiana

Innocent people go to jail. Unfortunately, some people are in prison because a jury trial, they did not hire a qualified criminal defense lawyer that can deal with their business. When this happens, all hope is not lost. The defendant may seek to have his conviction was quashed and he was appointed a new trial through the appeal process. This process consists of appealing against conviction the trial court and, if necessary, the application of conviction after conviction by the trial court. These two procedures are similar, but different, and people are often mislead them.

Everyone convicted of a crime, has 30 days from the day when his sentence becomes final, to submit a written notice of intention to appeal his case. In Louisiana, a criminal sentence automatically becomes final within 30 days, if it is imposed, or 30 days after the issuance of a request for review of the judgment. Following the filing of the notice of appeal, the lawyer dealing with treatment, should also determine which of the pre-trial hearings and the trial should be recorded, and which are included in the record on appeal. After the preparation of transcripts and statements of court sessions and official record of the court district will submit the official record of the trial in the Court of Appeal. Upon receipt of the official record, the appellate court will issue a schedule of instructing counsel and district prosecutor, who will advise them when they should be presented. Any party that wants to orally argue its case before the Court of Appeal, should send a written request to do so within 30 days after entry in the Court of Appeal. At some point, the Court of Appeals will rule. Parties that lost, it is possible to petition the Supreme Court of Louisiana on the review of the decision. A formal process for this is called a list of certiorari. Neither the defendant nor the state does not have the automatic right to appeal to the Supreme Court of Louisiana on any sentence, which does not provide for the death penalty.

The appeal – it's just a revision of any court decisions handed down before the actual trial or during it. During the appeal, focusing only on the decisions of the court-hearing. Any application for suppression of evidence or statements, as well as any application in the case of the restrictions that have been brought to trial and lost before the start of the trial may be considered by the Appeal Court to determine, the judge handed down a proper solution, and, if not, whether the incorrect ruling justifies the abolition of the conviction and a new trial, which corresponds to the proper evidentiary decision. Furthermore, any objections made protector and canceled trial may also be considered appeal. Again, if the high court said that the judge was wrong, then it can be assigned to a new trial, if the error will cause the Court to lose confidence in the verdict. It is important to note that the appeal is not the time to introduce new evidence. Handling is simply trying to review the decision of the court on the court and any complaints about the judicial process. Think of it as "instant peraygranne" instead of "excess".

Any newly discovered evidence may be presented in the statement of condemnation after losing appeal. This application was filed in the Court of First Instance. Anyone who seeks to enter again found evidence must show how this evidence could not be detected before the court in conducting due diligence. If the court believes that the newly discovered evidence would have affected the verdict, a new trial may be appointed. In addition, the prisoner may challenge the ability of his lawyer to deal with your case after the conviction. He will do so by filing a claim for ineffective assistance of counsel. Any claim to an inefficient lawyer must show that the consideration of the case trial lawyer was below the level of care that is expected from a competent lawyer, and that any errors due to incompetence of the lawyer, are not considered "harmless". In more simple words, a prisoner must show that a competent lawyer would have considered his case in a different way, and if addressed properly, we can not say that the jury would have found the accused guilty. If the application is granted, a new trial may be ordered.

Anyone who wants to apply for a conviction in Louisiana must do so within 2 years from the date of his conviction. In most cases, a conviction becomes final date on which the Supreme Court of Louisiana refuses to grant the license. But in cases where the claim is satisfied, it is 2 years from the date of judgment. Some people do not seek review of the Supreme Court of Louisiana. in these cases the decision becomes final 2 years after the date of the decision of the District Court of Appeal. In several cases, people will challenge the validity of his guilt in relation to a criminal record. Pryznachalny time for these cases is 2 years from the date of final judgment. Despite the two-year time limit to file an application for a cautious conclusion, we recommend customers to apply for the first year. This recommendation is done to preserve the rights of the client to maintain their claims for consideration in federal district court, if we do not get help at the level of the state court.

Pyatynogi horse

Kids can say the most ridiculous things. Art Linkletter, demonstrated that children, when given the opportunity, can tell funny and unexpected announcement during a black-and-white television.

When our children were young, like many of Louisiana, we would have gone to Destyn, Florida, County Riviera, a few days on the beach. In this particular year we lived in Monroe, Louisiana, where I was a professor at the University of the Northeast Louisiana, now the University of Louisiana-Monroe. Our daughter was six years old, and our son was four years old when we started this summer in Sunny Beach Destsina. That was before Interstate 10, so we drove along the scenic route Highway 90 when it came time to go to the east. From beach towels, inflatable water toys and book a hotel on the beach, we were ready to go, and we're all looking forward to the trip.

Those parents who were in the car with the kids, you know that this experience can tax the nervous system, patience and the desire to stop the car and leave them on the sidelines. "It touches me." She's on my side of the seat. "" It does not take turns with Dad binoculars. "" Mom, she did pryshchypvae. "And finally:" Are we there yet? "We will sing songs, play" I shpiyu "and count the number of animals we saw on country roads that we traveled. Charlene, my wife and I would look at each other and wondered why we ever wanted have children. we cursed them and threatened to turn around and go home, promising them "time-outs" when we got to our hotel room and many more powerless threats to their well-being.

I always believe in sex education for all children, starting with the smallest and continuing throughout the school years. Unfortunately, the state of Louisiana and its school system at a time when my children were small, and did not do it in public schools. Thus, my wife and I felt the need to inform our children about important matters relating to their sexual parts of the body, relative to their age and ability to understand the value of knowledge to be passed. I am sharing this information with you now because she & # 39 is the same for this genuine and funny stories about pyatsinogaga horse. Part of our early acquaintance with our children was to teach them the right to call the genitals. For example, to call it & # 39; wee-wee, "or a tee," but his penis. For her, it did not name, well you know the names; it was her vagina. Other sexual parts received appropriate names.

Now back to our path to Destyna. We drove past the countryside, and there were a few horses in the fields. I was busy close surveillance on the road, when suddenly my son hit me on the shoulder: "Dad, look, pyatsinogi horse"! I glanced in the direction of the index finger and a & # 39; was a horse with a rather impressive erection. Before I could respond to the message brought my son, my daughter intervened: "Hey stupid, do not foot this penis, and you too!" My son immediately started to cry, I suspect that he was afraid that his penis grew to such a size. My wife and I could not stop laughing, thinking, "Son, if you're lucky."

Our children are now 48 and 46 years, children have their own power, and they heard my information about this trip several times, and we still seem ridiculous. So when I hear that someone is planning Destyna trip, I went back to the memory of pyatsinogaga horse. Art, you are right, the children themselves talk about the funniest thing.

I used this true and, hopefully, a funny story, how long acquaintance with the importance of sex education for our children and to draw your attention to an important parental function – sex education. Children today know a lot about sex, mainly because of the other children and the media, especially social media, Facebook, and others. Many are malfunctioning and is not tied to the value of health and responsible leadership. Parents can offer relevant knowledge, arranged in a way that corresponds to the values ​​that will guide the child to a safe and healthy choice.

Parents should not feel any fears about its important role in providing sex education. I have written on this topic before in a previous publication. "Tips for talking with your teen about sex." Please go to this article and take the initiative to help their children. If you remember the story of "pyatsinogaga horse", smile and make disciples.