Local rapper Louisiana Silly Faroes game returns


Fatale Deytryka Fuller AKA Fool Fareal – a story that proves that through adversity and despair is always hope, and the light side of life for each of talent and a dream. Fool Fareal story began when his mother gave birth to him in the back seat of a car in a small northwestern town of Cullen Louisiana.
When he tells the story, he says: “I was born in the car, so naturally, I was born” rider “, it’s just in my blood.” He left early on the straight and narrow path, doing sports, but everything turned out even worse if its representatives of the family & # 39; and presented in the street. While his mother worked, it will take care of my aunt, and from there his older cousin taught him the game.
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Around 1994 it turned out to be a fool deeply related to drugs and gangs. His best friend Zhamara Hood condemned to life of minors under the age of 13 years for participation in a predatory killing, and later in 2003 fool sentenced to 10 years for robbery and distribution of cocaine.
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Fool rap began in the ’90s, but only to its conclusion, it decided to improve their craft and really serious & # 39; ozna make music. In prison, he decided to build a strong relationship with God and go to a more positive outlet through the creation of music from his experience and heart. After his release, he created his own label KASH. City INC AKA Cullen and Springhill City INC. And together they give the game a much needed share of reality.
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Silly Farrell Rises fatal rock

Armed with a new outlook on life, positive attitude, optimistic vision of a strong and solid team behind it KASH. City INC., Fool Fareal plans to move from a small town in Louisiana in the world. With its sharp, audacious and direct style of play on words, Fool Fareal has a unique way to guide you through the vivid images of street life and the reality of the pain that he suffered for his past with the grace and highly orchestrated precision.
His new single featuring artist Shreveport Rap Ant Antz titled “Losing My Kool” now goes to the streets by storm. Fool also released December 7, 2013 Mixtape criticism “Rebirth Of a Dying Breed”. When asked what he brings to the table in the rap game, he modestly said: “I bring a big appetite, the perfect street job, and I promise to give” you an epic story, you won & forget “FSM 2014.
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Lafayette, Louisiana


If you are going to move in Lafayette Louisiana, you are sure to rejoice many exciting things you can do there. Despite all the charm that it offers from historic sites, entertainment to children’s museums, Lafayette – a great place to move something & # 39; and.
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Firstly, Lafayette offers Acadian Village, a park located on 32 acres. It is a typical village with vacation Cajun 1800s. Transformed into a community that passes on her waterways, Acadian Village offers several real houses of the 19th century, which were donated by families. They are equipped with historic wooden pegs and dirty walls, each carefully moving and restored to its original condition. Some of the best examples of landscape painting are in an art gallery, and a replica of forging shops too. It’s really a step back in time and offers fantastic entertainment throughout the year.

Cypress Lake may be one of the most beautiful wetlands, like a lake. Alligators, turtles, birds and fish – all that can be seen on this landmark habitat. It is affectionately referred to as “the Swamp”. It has a rich history and historical significance for the people of Lafayette.
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Jefferson Street Market offers a unique shopping from a central location and 65 shops under one roof. Where you can find beautiful French antiques and fine art regional artists, and it is a good show for the city.

With shopping centers, performing arts center, as well as with universities, Lafayette – a great place to play a little for everyone.



Cycling trip in Louisiana; Shrevport to the border of Mississippi


A trip on a bicycle on the roads Louisiana could be an interesting proposal, and quite challenging. Depending on what time of year you go, can also be a lot of pesky mosquitoes. One route is to get to Shrevport to Vicksburg, Mississippi, and if the crow flies, it is about 175 miles, but remember that we’re going on a bicycle.
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I-20 – it is about 178 miles and a direct gun, but remember that we are not a car and can not drive on the highway, and do not want it. Another route would be to Orange, TX on the border of Waveland, Mississippi, and is approximately 265, plus an additional 15 miles to the Mississippi River on Hwy 90, or you can choose to pick-up as a great stop and rest center vistor & # 39; bit abroad.
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For all practical purposes 265 – a lot of miles and can easily lead you on a night when the bugs bite in the worst case, so let’s look at a northern route to cross the country, and consider traveling 178, is not it? We’ll start in the same river casinos, or I do recommend opening ports research center down the street from the center of the expo, and then go north from one mile to Texas Avenue, which is also a & # 39 is 79/80 Hwy.
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The road is well maintained and safe to hold us Shrevporta and after 220 cycles without incident about 5 miles, and we warmed up for our ride and tour of the city on a beautiful Louisiana. Then it’s an easy trip to Mindy, State Los Angeles, and about 21.5 miles, and then turns off Hwy 79 and sent in Claiborne County, Los Angeles, another nice trip to a place with a lot of nice people, but we will stay on Hwy 80 at this point. After about 8 miles the highway plunges under the I-20 for about 28 miles in Ruston State Los Angeles.
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This concludes the 61 miles for a good break point, and then we continue on Hwy 80 Monroe, LA for 20 miles and then staying on Hwy 80, we again go out of town in Tallulah, passing on Rayville cities, Holy Ridge, Dunn and Delhi. It is about 60 miles. Next, we make a quick breath, and then a good 20-mile ride in Mississippi, crossing the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg. Great job! At this stage of our journey by bicycle across America.
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Elliptic’s boss said that, though Facebook is “taking the flak,” plenty of other companies are exploring asset-backed virtual currencies. “It’s out of the box,” he said. “People are now thinking about this and what’s the right way of doing it.” Even central bankers are floating the idea, with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposing a reserve digital currency and China’s central bank claiming it’s close to releasing its own virtual tokens.
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Going forward, Elliptic is opening offices in Singapore and Japan as part of a push into the Asian market. Japan is an example of a country that’s shown more advances in the industry than others, Smith said, with “major banks” examining ways of offering cryptocurrency services to their customers. The company said revenues in Asia have increased tenfold in the last 12 months alone.
The company recently learned that the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person that visited. That made it harder to track the funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated as a terrorist organization by Israel, the U.S. and the EU.
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“Because we are always on top of what’s about to happen, we can see when those funds start to move to exchanges,” Elliptic’s co-founder and CEO James Smith told CNBC in a phone interview. “We were able to let our customers know that these funds were heading towards them, and they were able to stop them.”


Louisiana Variations from the Federal FMLA


Due to the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and there located oil rigs Louisiana became a hot spot for petrochemical industrial companies, such as Royal Dutch / Shell Group, Dow Chemical and others. While these chemical plants are responsible for the creation of many building blocks that we use every day, some residents of Louisiana believe that the pollution of these plants contribute to high levels of cancer in the country, prazvavshy its “Walk of the river.”
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There is a 85-kilometer Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. This is a strategic location for chemical plants, near the two major cities, as well as the main source of transportation. Thus it is not surprising that in this area have sprouted more than 130 industrial enterprises, close to many small neighborhoods with low income.
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However, the neighbors in the area soon began to meet higher cancer rates than usual, which led them to nickname this piece of “cancer alley”. In fact, in 2002, Louisiana had the second largest cancer mortality in the United States.
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By the way, in the report “Inventory of Environmental Protection” held by the Environmental Protection Agency for the 2000 environment (EPA), the government found that Louisiana also ranks second in the US in the number of releases of chemicals and pollutants in place.
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In addition, the state ranks fourth on the & # 39; the combined on-site and abroad. A staggering seven out of ten major facilities that produce chemicals and exit in Louisiana are in cancer oil. Four of the top ten polluters in place are cancer oil.
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Besides the usual pollutants in these chemical plants it has also been known that there is a spill, such as Condea Vista. It is the corporation has 90 bottling for one year and fined it for release into the environment of 19 to 47 million pounds of ethylene dyhlarydu. It is striking that the chemical may be a human carcinogen, possibly giving the confidence of the inhabitants of & # 39; claims on life in cancer oil.

Unfortunately, if you live near a chemical plant, chemical contaminants are not the only danger you face. In many older plants asbestos used as insulation for protection against heat, flames, electric and chemical. As the plants age, they can release into the air of microscopic asbestos fibers, where they can be inhaled or consumed inside. Asbestos – a well-known human carcinogen that can cause problems such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

If you have lived or worked in the area, which contains a lot of chemical plants, you should talk to your doctor about a test for cancer.



Louisiana – Vacations, Travel Destinations, Agriculture in Louisiana, Forestry, Land for sale


Louisiana – the perfect mix of industry and entertainment

Louisiana, probably the most famous one of the largest cities of the party in New Orleans. But what it seems to forget most of the people that Louisiana – is not only their most famous city, than California than just San Francisco. Cajun culture combined with southern hospitality to make the state one of the most unique and vibrant places to live and visit.
This is reflected in the fact that Louisiana is not only the numerous tourist destinations and recreational facilities, but also the state boasts a thriving agriculture and forestry industry. Not surprisingly, the sale of land in Louisiana are in such demand.
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Rest in Louisiana

As with most of the major states in the South, Louisiana boasts a large number of sports teams that manage recreation culture. It has all the attraction and fanaticism, which you would expect from the South, from the football LSU Tiger to Pelican NBA to New Orleans St Louisiana.
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But it is much more than just watch sports, some of the most interesting things that can be done in Louisiana related to the order to get out there and experience the unique land and culture of the state. On fishing in the Gulf before driving through the swamps and marshes that are infected cats, before hitting the link on the golf circuit Adubun in one square mile of Louisiana more rest than in most states. This can best be found by visiting several state parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Do not forget to also check out the bright theatrical scene Louisiana.
Tourist destinations in Louisiana

If you want to visit Louisiana, most people probably think of New Orleans. Although a visit to Mardi Gras – one of the most unique and exciting things you’ll ever do in your life, the state offers much more than the means of Louisiana tourist routes. From the standard tourist destinations, which can be found in most states, such as the Museum of Art of New Orleans Aquarium of the Americas, to the most unique and surprising, such as the Museum of Bonn and Clyde in an ambush in Gibslande, Zamsky swamp tours in Thibodaux and the Museum of Voodoo in New Orleans, Louisiana, is all. The unique culture of the people making Louisiana one of the most eclectic and tourist destinations in all of Acontinental airlinesmerica.

The farm in Louisiana

Most people who do not understand – is that Louisiana – one of the largest farm states in the country. Thanks to a billion dollars a year in the agricultural industry, the state also with a & # 39 is one of the most important agricultural research centers in the LSU. Agricultural industry is moving a unique blend of generations of farmers who held the land for centuries, and new farmers, who are attracted by the low prices and wide availability of farms and land for sale. However, even if all the economy comes out of the state, available land is so expansive that there are significant opportunities for agricultural growth. In addition, unique methods reassignment land led to a number of creative innovations in Louisiana, for example, conversion of a rice field in the farm cancers in the off-season.
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The forest industry in Louisiana

Timber industry – another big source of income for Louisiana, which constitute the largest sector of agriculture exports. In 1947, the Louisiana Forestry Association was created to regulate forest management and to ensure that the forest industry of Louisiana can not be cut down and perasechtsy. They have coped with their work, as the ground in Louisiana, now 48% of forestry and forestry – the second largest employer in the whole state.

Sale of land in Louisiana

It is an eclectic mix of culture, agriculture, forestry, tourist destinations and recreation makes Louisiana to one of the best destinations for those who want to buy land. Future bright, but prices are still relatively low compared with other countries. Even more, on land sale prices in Louisiana proportionately lower than in other states, having the relative opportunity for buyers. Accents state, one of the main reasons that the sale of land in Louisiana continue to do so well, is that a significant portion of real estate in the state are still not sold. Some economists point out it to underdevelopment of the country as a whole for the first half of the 20th century, but taking into account technological, agricultural and transport achievements Louisiana – is one of the most prominent places for development and growth, is moving into the future.


Sabalnyya palms Part II: Sabal minor


Sabal minor comprises a plurality of cold-resistant varieties, popular in southern landscapes. Below is a question of this important species.

Sabal minor (Dwarf Palmetto) This North American native can be found from North Carolina south to Florida and west to Texas. Unlike S. palmetto, S. minor forms underground stem that can grow at 5 and deeper, which explains its surprising hardiness. Interestingly, I found two wild specimens of S. minor in Coastal South Carolina from above-ground stems and Gary Holar found that most other places in South Carolina. We do not know with the & # 39 is this proliferation of these forms (stems) or when an underground barrel reached a point where its trunk can no longer grow in the natural downward direction. It will be interesting to find out, they will come true from seed. There are a number of these varieties which grow seeds, each of which represents a particular genetic form or population.

Minor & C. # 39; Bear shouting & # 39; (Bear Creek Dwarf Palmetto) I was very surprised to see it is the westernmost population S. minor in 2003 in Kendall County, Texas, near the famous town Lyukenbah (north of San Antonio). Here S. Minor grew along the creek flooded under a giant bald cypress, which were created in the steep valley below the dry desert. Palm leaves seemed a bit narrower, and the leaves are more considered (complex in the center) than I remembered on the other minor. In addition, several plants had more than one overhead barrel. Tall, very vertical flower spikes 7 "were much higher than what I usually see in the east of the country. (Hardiness zone 7b-10)

Minor & C. # 39; Bluntstaun Gnome & # 39; (Blountstown Dwarf, Dwarf Palmetto) It sprouts with very minor dwarf form found in Blountstown, Florida (west of Tallahassee), who shared with us the guru palm Saba, Dr. Kyle Brown of Florida. Mother plant matures in 18 "tall palm … rock garden! We can not promise that everyone will be as small as a parent, but so far it looks like this. (Hardiness 7b -10)

Minor & C. # 39; Castor-gnome & # 39; (Castor Castor, Dwarf Palmetto) When we were about batanizatsyyu Kastoria Bienvil Parish, Louisiana, in the middle of March 2004, we found a roadside crowded population of dwarf S. Minor with very narrow segments of leaves. The population of several dozen plants, and all seemed to have the same habit. (Hardiness zone 7b-10)

Minor & C. # 39; Emerald Island Giant & # 39; (Emerald Island Dwarf Palmetto) These unusual minor S. came from the coastal peninsula next to the Emerald Island, where they were rescued building plot elantychny palm enthusiast Alan Bruner. Subsequently, they were planted in many city parks district release. These minor S. radically different in habit and size of growth than most other forms. Although they grow much more slowly, producing only one or two leaves per year, eventually reaching the 7 & # 39; height x 10 & # 39; wide with enormous + 5 & 39; broad leaves. (Hardiness zone 7b-10)

Minor & C. # 39; McCurtain & # 39; (McCurtain Dwarf Palmetto) These plants are having a very energetic natural stand S. Minor in MakKurteyn County, Oklahoma, to the west of Folsama, Arkansas, near the Red River. According to the late Logan Calhoun (our original sources of seeds), seedlings of this population has experienced in Vici temperature to -24 degrees F, and produces seeds. (Hardiness zone 7b-10)

Minor & C. # 39; Oriental Giant & # 39; (Oriental giant dwarf palmetto) In 2006, I was lucky enough to accompany palm guru Harry Holara to see the 10-year-old giant C-minor, growing in Pamlico County, North Karelia, Eastern. Mother plants were grown in rich, sandy deciduous swamp. (Zone 7b-10)

Minor & C. # 39; Vudvil & # 39; (Woodville Dwarf Palmetto) (S. minor A2LA-034) When we were batanizatsyyu near Woodville, Michigan, at the end of February 2003, we found a 6-year-old minor to 7 & # 39; flower spike full of seeds. This may not seem strange, except that it was the only Sabal, which we have seen in our whole trip and did not shed seeds. I assumed that nothing good seed, but it is actually germinate. We do not know with the & # 39 is this a sign of a hereditary or not, but even if not, it is exceptionally large for a copy of this area, which should lead to more offspring. (Hardiness zone 7b-10)

S. minor var. Louisiana (Louisiana Palmeta) (syn .: S. Louisiana) This unusual native Gulf coast is found only in a few wetlands of Louisiana and eastern Texas, where it grows among the typical minor minor. Taksanamisty often reject it as a variant of S. minor, but the 6-year-old trunk seems to say otherwise. If you disagree, you may change your mind after a few strokes with the aforementioned 6-tall trunks. Perhaps we can see the specification in the process.

Although all plants seem to develop stem. S. minor var. Louisiana, at a mature age is 12 & # 39; height and resembles S. x texensis & # 39; Brazoryya & # 39; Sabal minor var. Since 1999, Louisiana has never showed damage from winter.


Collection US military goals


The most popular collection of all US weapons – a presentation balls that have been honored with awards and were not intended for combat. Many of these balls decorated with gold and silver with delicately etched tip. Also cherished glasses that officers made for themselves, in many cases, beautifully made of expensive materials. Some collectors specialize in swords made by a specific manufacturer of balls, for example, Nathan P. Ames from Springfield, Massachusetts. Ames made balls in the late 1800s. Other collectors are concentrated on the arms of one period. Civil war is the most popular.

Collectors of US military swords are usually grouped ball depending on the wars in which they can be used, Revolution, War of 1812, the war in Mexico 1846-1848 years and the Civil War. Swords of the Revolution may be the most valuable.

In America, very few American goal was made, made before the revolution. Most balls imported from Europe or simply imported blades, and then finished here. American swords were usually cherry or maple wood, wrapped in wire. Several of these producers balls signed his work, among them silver John Bailey and Ephraim Brasher from New York. In 1798, Nathan Page of Middletown, Conn did cavalry sabers for verbavanyh people. He released the 2000 goals that mark them as "N Starr & Co." on one side of the blade and the "United States – one thousand seven hundred ninety-nine" on the other.

Several other companies are also producing balls for the United States Army in the years after the revolution and lead to war in 1812, these swords were called "contract" with swords, and they are not so difficult to find. Eagle, adopted as a national symbol in 1782, has been a favorite choice of the officers as an emblem of a sword. By the time the war a lot of balls contract was made in Mexico. The most famous of these goals – a desirable model in 1832. Many goals from the beginning of the 1800s again saw service in the Civil War, and examples mechov used in this conflict, it is also not difficult to find. Any sword made for the Confederacy, more valued than the Union, because it was made much smaller. Confederation balls typically include the initials "CS" for the Confederate States, or "CSA" for Confederate States of America, engraved on the blade. The discovery of the history of ball – one of the most interesting aspects of the collection. Many old American swords were engraved with the names of the owners. Their official military records can tell some fascinating stories and are available to the general public.


Adler: manufacturer of piano and organ Louisville, Kentucky


The company was founded in 1903 by Cyrus Adler and R.S. Hill in Louisville, Kentucky, strictly as an organ manufacturer. As with most major manufacturers, partnerships often consisted of investor and master. Adler was a successful owner of a large company sawn timber. R.S. Hill was at the "Mason and Hamlin." Hill would be a caretaker, who developed the instruments and supervised their design and quality.

Louisville, Kentucky, was a strange place, given that the majority of manufacturers have chosen New York, Chicago and Boston as the ideal place. Adler chose Louisville because of the good rail access, and felt confident that the placement of a prime. Adler moved to the present building, formerly a furniture company.

In 1904, a plan was developed to create a large factory across the street. But a dispute arose with the deputies of the City Council. Adler wanted to set a simple switch and rail to connect the two units. Some council members objected to the plans for no apparent reason, and were given small arguments. In the end, the project of new construction has been canceled, with the result that hundreds of construction jobs have been lost.

In the room the fire started with the packaging, which destroyed part of the building. The damage amounted to about 15 000 dollars (currently about 380 thousand dollars). Full credit was given the fire, otherwise it would be lost. However, water to extinguish the fire, caused great damage to the appliance.

Adler has prepared a grand and glorious exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition in St. Louis. It was an exhibition that introduced an ice cream cone. Apparently, the exhibition succeeded because they got a five-year contract with Sears & Roebuck to build a body of Beckwith.

Over the next year they had 100 employees who earned $ 50 150 per month.

Ultimately, the plant expanded to 100,000 square feet and occupied an entire city block. The company had its own power plant with capacity of 350 horsepower and 500 electrical lights of more than ten miles of electrical wire.

The company delivered 40 bodies per day, and has become the largest manufacturer in Louisville at the time. In the period from 1910 to 1928 they also built Adler Piano, widely known to the public as a piano Beckwith, sold by Sears through catalogs.

Manufacturing Adler, as well as Geo. P. Bent Piano company may be bought by "Sears & Roebuck", which will sell the piano and organ until 1949.


Collecting things from tselyuloida


Tselyuloid is generally considered the first modern plastics. It was introduced in 1871 by the manufacturer tselyuloidav from Albany, NY. Using tselyuloida began with the manufacture of billiard balls, and was intended as a substitute for ivory. However, by the end of the 1800s it was used for a variety of products, from balls for billiards, to shnurochnyh laces, bracelets, buckles buttons, buttons, brooches, cameos, earrings Kame-bowls bracelets, dolls, complex toothpicks, housings for fountains, guitar kits, combs, hair, hand mirrors, pins for hats, pens, knives, adchynyalniki letters, boxes for matches, mechanical pencils, pins, beads, paper weights, bands, pocket mirrors, ring rings, rulers, pins, barrettes, shuttles, naperki, toys, boxes for vanity and many other items.

The above-mentioned tselyuloidnyya products produced at the end of 1800 – 1940-ies. Millions of buttons were made for clothing and jewelry such as brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. ancient fountains body with tselyuloida today very popular collectible.

Some of these products were distributed promotional materials for all types of businesses across the United States. The most popular promotional gifts are tselyuloidnymi stud and pocket mirror. The main manufacturers of promotional buttons on the rear shell of steel: Whitehead and Hoag Company of Newark, New Jersey, US product Cochocton, OH, The St. Louis Button Company and Bastian Brothers of Rochester, NY. The same group of producers, together with the other two in Chicago, the guerrilla company new products and the company Cruver Manufacturing, tselyuloid used for advertising back pocket mirrors.

Tselyuloid was not the best of all the materials that can be used for honored collectible, as it was very flammable. Balls for table tennis – the only products that tselyuloid use today.

The best place to find vintage tselyuloidnyh products and advertising tselyuloidnyh products – eBay.


Installing family bathing tents for the first time


Thus, you have a new tent, and you are ready to make the first trip. You all packed and ready? STOP Always install it at home. For the first time with a new tent, you will need more time to install, and it can be awkward to get to the park and continue to try to read the instructions in the dark, and maybe even absent.

Well, now that you know well how to assemble the tent and collect all the pieces, you are now ready to go to the park. You'll stay at the office camp and register. If you have previously registered, but they have a website, you can check them out first and see if the site has is better than the one you intended. Most campgrounds allow you to do this.

What you may think;

• Level sites with good drainage

• Water and electricity (this is necessary for my wife)

• want to be close to the RV & or more peaceful place

• Elevated areas

• An open area or a shaded area (I was in Louisiana, so I try to seek shade)

• Do not select a place located too close to the bathrooms or shower rooms, where people are constantly walking on your site. Of course, you can be there if you have small children.

• Near the water activities (again, I'm in Louisiana in water = mosquitoes, so I stay away from the water setting)

• Which website can be more focused on the family & # 39; w

Regardless of what is important to you, there are three basic things that you need to look like in business. Location, location, location …

Once you find a site that you like, take into account the above elements that are important to you, then you need to prepare the site. I take with me rake leaves and razgrabvayu loose and sharp objects, from where it will be in our tent. Make sure you aziraetsesya not only on land but also over his head to make sure that there is no loose branches or limbs that can go down under the wind.

Use the following for a tent. You can purchase the following characteristic to accommodate tents your tents. They serve a number of purposes, such as to protect the tent floor from sharp objects that may cause tears or punctures, but they also provide a clean surface for folding the tent. It should not be larger than the floor of the tent, but if it will make sure that you assign the surplus. You do not want any of his channel went beyond the tent tent where you could get water. It is best to use the mark, but if it is not available, then the brand will be made. You can buy a painting artist to Lowes or Home Depot.

If you do not wait for unpleasant weather & # 39; I am, you do not need to use a rainbow, but if there is a chance of rain, then at least to secure it to the side, so you can quickly pull it. I feel the first drop of rain. In cold weather, & # 39; e it will provide tents insulation. If you need to place a tent under the direct sun during the warmer weather & # 39; I, it provides UV protection for your tent. Fly will also give you a place to store, as your shoes dirty. Some flies provide a large area above the door. Turn and fly down safely from the body of the tent for ventilation.

Tents with full flies better on a rainy day & # 39; e. Full tent fly keeps the body dry and supports reduction of humidity, as soon as the rain stops and the sun comes out again. Usually you just see a full rainbow in the tents of better quality.


Ronnie Coleman – professional bodybuilder


Monroe Louisiana 13, 1964 was born my professional bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, Ronald Dean Coleman. In 1982 he graduated from high school and attended Grambling University, where he received a bachelor's degree in accounting in 1986. As a student, he played football in Gremblingskim State University under the famous coach Eddie Robinson.

After college, Coleman became a police officer in the police Arlingtana. Today Coleman works as a reserve for the same police department. His passion for bodybuilding, where he holds the record for winning the Mr. Olympia for eight consecutive years. He also holds the record for most wins IFBB, which currently stands at 26.

Ronnie Coleman was first introduced in the bodybuilding competition Brain Dobsan that with & # 39; is the owner of the gym in Metro Flex Arlingtane, Texas. Mr. Texas was the debut competition in bodybuilding "Coleman" in 1990. He won the overall title in the heavyweight division.

He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs between 230 and 300 depending on the season. It weighs more in the offseason. The most characteristic features of Coleman – foot size of 36 inches, chest – 60 inches, and hands – 24 inches.

Coleman supports Games inland towns, which were founded in 1991, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also continues to participate and win bodybuilding competitions around the world. In 2001, Coleman won the Texas Navy Certificate Award for outstanding achievements in bodybuilding.

Coleman married Christina Ruaiday Achkar in 2007. He has two daughters.

Ronnie Coleman – bodybuilding icon and one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He announced plans to compete in Mr. Olympia 2010.


The Green Mile – film about Stephen King


"The Green Mile" – a film about a number of events of death in Louisiana in the 1930s. The original story written by Stephen King. The film was directed by Frank Darabont, who wrote the screenplay. Tom Hanks takes the protagonist Paul Ezhemba and Michael Clarke Duncan – the title role of John Coffey.

Film Center takes Ezhemba Paul, chief of security cameras of the death penalty. Paul and his guards take custody of an unusual inmate, John Coffey. Coffey – a giant, but it is extremely responsive and gentle man. Kofi was convicted of the rape and murder of two young girls. At first the guards are wary of Kofi, but his good nature soon changes the perception of his guards.

John Coffey soon displays extraordinary healing abilities. It serves urinary infection Ezhemba Paul and returns to life a mouse, which killed another prisoner. The guards realize that Kofi has supernatural powers and they lose if his execution.

The wife of the headman correctional facility is terminally ill. Paul Ezhekomb upset by the news of his friend. The guards develop a plan to smuggle John Coffey out of the prison, in the house of the headman, to cure the mayor's wife, and then return Kofi on the Green Mile. They all risk their jobs and may become criminals, to bring Kofi in prison and out of it. Kafi taken to the house of the headman, where he removes the disease from the warden's wife.

The story also contains the character Percy Watmore. Percy – a vicious and unpleasant prison officer. He intimidates and drops prisoners. He, unlike the other guards, and they & # 39 are stiff, but responsive prison staff and do not like. Wetmore agrees to transfer him to another office, if he is responsible for the punishment. He agrees reluctantly. However Wetmore Sabath electric current, causing maximum flour concluded.

John Kofi Percy Wetmore seeking revenge for the pain that he inflicted a prisoner during the electric shock. After Kofi back in the Green Mile, from the warden house, he transfers the disease he removed from his wife's chief Percy. Percy is set in a constant state of katatonichnym.

On the green mile comes a violent prisoner called William Uartan. During one scene Uortan grabs Kofi's arm, which sees that Wharton – the real killer of girls, for which Kofi sentenced to death. Kofi then uses his powers to convey the image of Paul Ezhekambu, head protection.

With this information, Paul Ezhekamb still have to shoot John Coffey. The man whom he knows, innocent and has the & # 39; incredible strength.

About the film told in reply. Currently with Paul & # 39 it is mainly the elderly and explains a number of events to another resident of the house of his departure. After the story is told, Edgecomb reveals that it is now 108 years old. This is an obvious side effect of John Coffey's life. However, Paul believes that his experience of relatives and friends – it is a punishment from God for what he did not stop the execution of Kafi.

Louisiana bomber called the "Green Mile" because the death penalty is often called the "last mile". In Louisiana floor green.

Green mile Stephen King wrote. King has written two prison stories, "The Green Mile" and "Redemption Shovshanka". Both have been adapted to film, and director Frank Darabont.

In 2000 "The Green Mile" was nominated for four awards "Academy". This is a "Best Actor" in the role as a "Best Picture", "Best Sound" and "Best literacy": a scenario based on previously produced or published. He has not received any of these awards.


Offshore tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico


To date, almost everyone has heard about the great tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, where offshore drilling platform sank off the coast of Louisiana with 11 fatalities as a result of the explosion. Platform Deepwater Horizon is owned and operated by Transocean on behalf of BP, one of the largest energy companies in the world. The accident happened about 20 hours after the well head Heliburtan secured in place service pipe.

Explosions have become extremely rare, and the equipment and the technologies used for their prevention, became very good. Even if they do occur, the damage is usually minimal. However, every once in a rare while several mistaken; if this daisy with cascading failures occur, the results can be catastrophic.

The fact that this profession will always be an element of danger and risk. This is one of the reasons for increase of salaries, as you can see in other dangerous occupations, such as commercial fishing in Alaska, coal mining and zhalezapratsovka. In general, the risk is low – but still a risk.

Some of us choose to take risks in life, others try to minimize them. Personally, I venture, and live in a safe, secure life just seems like a recipe for extinction missing. You can never eliminate risk, and may tomorrow be hit by a car accident or a rare disease. Others, however, see it differently, and simply prefer to make the odds in their favor, to try to enjoy a long life. In this world, there is plenty of room for both types of personality, and one is not better than another; Indeed, both have to build successful human society and the community.

But the tragic loss of life – is not the only tragedy. Oil continues to leak into the bay and still begins to pollute the coastline of Louisiana, threatening the livelihoods of thousands of fishermen, and dozens of small communities. This is not an acceptable cost of doing business or secure our energy needs in any way.

But our energy needs simply will not go away. Despite the fact that "green" technologies are more successful, it is not enough to cope with a reduction in the production of what is happening in some of the largest areas of the world – in Mexico, the North Sea, and even in the Middle East in many of the most productive areas in the the world observed the collapse of their production. The only way to cope with even partial drawback – it is more offshore drilling and exploration.

However, this should be done in such a way as to ensure that our fisheries, shorelines and the environment – and it can be. We will see that one of the results of this catastrophe with the & # 39 is a mandatory improvement in safety and technology to prevent explosions. Large oil and drilling companies will need to develop and implement new technologies that reduce or eliminate the chances of something like this with the fact that ever happen again – and they will.

cost of doing business will not random accidents, but the development of unpredictable safeguards, as well as the ability to disable the flow of oil to occur explosion. One of these methods & # 39 is to develop a two-stage management system, which will shut off the flow directly into the well area, if necessary. Such a system was in fact in a recent accident, but it was unverified and BP could not turn it on. I doubt that such a failure will happen in the future.

Drilling will continue, as well as exploration and adoption of new discoveries into production; It argues that it affects our national survival. However, going forward, we must make every effort to do so in a safe, attentive to environmental protection, as well as the lives of the workers, who ensure that the oil continued to flow. This is a tall order, but I believe that we are quite capable of achieving this.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (movie review)


The story begins in Louisiana at a gala evening after the victory in the First World. Mr. Button returns to the family home & # 39; and New Orleans to stay at the bedside of his wife, as birth injury, unfortunately, takes her life. Crying newborn attracts his attention, but he anxiously reveals an amazing view of the child with wrinkled, deformed old. Foolishly, he runs out of the house, to give up the child, leaving him on the steps of a home for the elderly with a small cash stipend.

After that, the parents discovered that soon are adopted father, but anxiety does not interfere with the color pair to take the attention, what they perceive as a child of God, even ugly. . Dr. diagnosis shows that the baby is like a very old man who seems to be going to the grave. He advises the child to bed, believing that he has little time to live. Against his doctor's advice the new mother & # 39; Queenie & # 39; He considers special child and called him Benjamin with any intention to take care of it.

Benjamin is showing signs of a significant recovery, and his elderly appearance fits perfectly into his new environment care homes, but its old appearance bears adventurous youthful energy, which is located inside, and he quickly gets into trouble. Contrary to medical reasons, Benjamin notes the daily changes of the organism from day to day, feeling that he becomes younger, that does not go unnoticed by other tenants of the house.

In the spring of 1930, Benjamin meets Daisy with a six-year girl on a visit to his grandmother. Benjamin never forget, what beautiful blue eyes she has. In subsequent years, they establish a very close friendship.

Benjamin continued progress for many years. From its early arthritis associated with a wheelchair, he now walks freely, although gait of an old man. The path to the docks bring the work with & # 39; Captain Mike & # 39; the owner of the tug, and he then leaves the house under the watchful eye Daisy, who asks him to promise to write wherever he goes. True to his word, Benjamin writes; she, in turn, returns correspondence.

Towing tug & # 39; Chelsea & # 39; It designed for service in World War II, where Benjamin see active service at sea. He returns to his family home in 1945, where the inevitable meeting of two souls, when both his childhood Daisy returned to Louisiana. His young face little known in her, and he wonders how the girl he left behind turned into a beautiful woman. They soon parted with the company as their personal lives and the differences pull them apart. They always remain in the minds of each other.

In 1962, Daisy returns to Louisiana, and any differences between them are agreed. Their love and prosperous life together leads to a & # 39; emergence of a new baby daughter. They both come to the conclusion that they meet in the middle of his life, and everything happens when they also suggest. However, after a few happy years together, Benjamin has become increasingly concerned about what they grow in different directions. For the sake of his daughter Daisy, and he decides to leave, wanting to have a normal life with a normal father, with whom they can grow old.

Over the years, Benjamin, who looks like a teenager for a moment back in my life. Increasing the age difference between them is now obvious, and they reconcile, they were right to place for the sake of her daughter, who for the first time Benjamin gets a fleeting appearance. They are again involved in the campaign.

Time stretches considerably before the boy Benjamin and Daisy old woman taken & # 39; connect the last time. At the beginning of his turn the boy suffers from dementia, but apparently has a youthful appearance. Daisy brings a boy, when he returns to the baby, where prior to the last moment of recognition he dies in her arms.

History read her daughter Daisy as her true identity and begins to manifest itself. It was her mother told her story in the twilight of her life


History of inflatable bounce houses


In 1959, the first inflatable house with skipping, was designed. John Skarloc from Louisiana conducted experiments with inflatable domes for tennis courts. Soon he noticed that his workers like jumping with inflatable covers. John Skurlok mechanical engineer, then developed and manufactured several inflatable tents, inflatable dome and inflatable signs. They are fast becoming a very popular and useful for many. His greatest achievement in this field was the invention of safe air cushions. Currently, this product is widely used by fire and rescue services for the maintenance of people who jump from a height.

The first manufacturer inflatable and space walks was in New Orleans in a rented warehouse. In 1968, a lady nicknamed Francis has created an inflatable rental company, and in 1976 they built a special facility for the manufacture and leasing of such products. They advertised their inflatable objects at various events such as children's birthday parties, school functions, picnics and many other occasions. Gradually inflatable plate is gaining popularity. Frank's son Francis, continued its rental business throughout the United States under the brand name Space Walk and inflatable zoo. Frank also created the main inflatable indoor playground, which is called Factory fun on Thanksgiving Day 1986 in Meara, Louisiana. In 1987, the second division of the park was opened in Memphis, Tennessee, called Fun Fun. They invented the first inflatable – mattress with an open top, which had no sides, and called it the space cushion.

innovative product was launched to solve the heat problem. In 1974, Jupiter was born on Leap. These jumps were inflated column to maintain a network of networks, that air can pass therethrough, (The Modern Jump). In the early 1990s, Frank produced the first commercial inflatable slides, called Aqua Tunnel.

With the introduction of computer & # 39; or the product range CAD computer design, a variety of jumpers, available today, is huge and is limited by human imagination.