Those specialty French Quarter, as nowhere else

Gourmets New Orleans is very specific to the favorite native dishes, so do not be confused Cajun (this "low country") with Creole, and we would not want to spoil the French gastronomy (say no more). Especially in the French Quarter of these wonderful family meals have a lot, so let's look at the most popular: […]

honest Omer

Omer Gan was Baton Rouge, Louisiana best adviser for the money, while the young driver, who was playing with his smartphone, crashed with its new sporty Ford pickup mosquitoes Iroq in Omer. Though his body has not suffered major damage, he died instantly. Ten minutes later, paramedics arrived and tried to revive him but could […]

Review of the book "The same view as I do"

For those who feel a call to serve the homeless, like the story. This is a literal dream. Memories filled with stories that may not believe, but I do. In this world there is good and evil. We forget that injustice was recently in America. I was born after the civil rights when technology began […]

Review of the book "Lady" Mystery novel Tammy Hoag

Tammy Hoag book "Happy Lady" is a bit different from previous novels, but it is certainly interesting and brings the reader into a world that is not often examined: the backwoods of Louisiana or Kayunskaga alley! Below is my review of the happy lady Tammy Hoag. The main characters: Serena Sheridan : A successful psychiatrist […]

Three reasons Gumbo shopping

In the US, there are two shops with a Goomba, one in Louisiana and one in Missouri. Both serve food with the Creoles. Let's start with the Gumbo Shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first reason to check this place out – is that it is close to many other restaurants in the Creole style. […]

Pyatynogi horse

Kids can say the most ridiculous things. Art Linkletter, demonstrated that children, when given the opportunity, can tell funny and unexpected announcement during a black-and-white television. When our children were young, like many of Louisiana, we would have gone to Destyn, Florida, County Riviera, a few days on the beach. In this particular year we […]