Louisiana Variations from the Federal FMLA

Due to the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and there located oil rigs Louisiana became a hot spot for petrochemical industrial companies, such as Royal Dutch / Shell Group, Dow Chemical and others. While these chemical plants are responsible for the creation of many building blocks that we use every day, some residents of Louisiana believe that the pollution of these plants contribute to high levels of cancer in the country, prazvavshy its “Walk of the river.”
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There is a 85-kilometer Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. This is a strategic location for chemical plants, near the two major cities, as well as the main source of transportation. Thus it is not surprising that in this area have sprouted more than 130 industrial enterprises, close to many small neighborhoods with low income.
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However, the neighbors in the area soon began to meet higher cancer rates than usual, which led them to nickname this piece of “cancer alley”. In fact, in 2002, Louisiana had the second largest cancer mortality in the United States.
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By the way, in the report “Inventory of Environmental Protection” held by the Environmental Protection Agency for the 2000 environment (EPA), the government found that Louisiana also ranks second in the US in the number of releases of chemicals and pollutants in place.
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In addition, the state ranks fourth on the & # 39; the combined on-site and abroad. A staggering seven out of ten major facilities that produce chemicals and exit in Louisiana are in cancer oil. Four of the top ten polluters in place are cancer oil.
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Besides the usual pollutants in these chemical plants it has also been known that there is a spill, such as Condea Vista. It is the corporation has 90 bottling for one year and fined it for release into the environment of 19 to 47 million pounds of ethylene dyhlarydu. It is striking that the chemical may be a human carcinogen, possibly giving the confidence of the inhabitants of & # 39; claims on life in cancer oil.

Unfortunately, if you live near a chemical plant, chemical contaminants are not the only danger you face. In many older plants asbestos used as insulation for protection against heat, flames, electric and chemical. As the plants age, they can release into the air of microscopic asbestos fibers, where they can be inhaled or consumed inside. Asbestos – a well-known human carcinogen that can cause problems such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

If you have lived or worked in the area, which contains a lot of chemical plants, you should talk to your doctor about a test for cancer.