Secrets of the Louisiana marsh land

Located in Louisiana and around it – this swamp, home to some of the most diverse groups of wildlife of the country. This southern Localization is also well known for its musical heritage, amazing food and a mysterious shocking, and all this makes it a perfect place for travelers who are looking for some excitement among the beautiful, natural environment.

In the wild, which can be found on the swamp lands of Louisiana – American alligator, the American black bear, many different species of snakes, fish, birds and more. In fact, Martsinskae lake, which is included in the Wildlife Refuge, which is located in the sites of marsh land of Louisiana, with & # 39 is home for ibises, crock, herons, water moccasins, cotton Motala, rats Kaipu and more.

Wildlife wetlands

Supporters of wildlife often go into this state to close look at many of these animals in their natural habitats, while capturing the colorful beauty of the marsh land and all of its many waters and unique characteristics. In addition to wildlife, there are numerous species of bushes, shrubs, trees and flowers, which are interspersed in mossy swamp waters.

There are other states that also have wetlands, but none captures the very essence of the beauty and natural habitats, like Louisiana marsh lands.

Legends of the Louisiana swamp

In addition, many people are attracted to the state of knowledge and mystery that surround the areas of combat. Part of this is due to the mystery of the state as a whole generated a French-Creole inhabitants, which included the unusual ceremony and beliefs in many areas of the state. This is the place where burials are carried out for the parade, along with the jazz band and solemnity. A place where religion is messed up, and scenery for so long were so welcomed and mysterious that most writers of mysteries called Louisiana home than anywhere else in the country.

Many spiritual beliefs and preaching Cajun linked with the history of shocking that, in turn, creates an aura of mystery, focus on them, especially in the southern part of the state, around New Orleans. It is this aura and many tales are forced to examine the legacy of outrageous and the state as a whole, to learn more about what makes Louisiana and its natural conditions are so unique and exciting.