Louisiana Cajun and Creole cooking – the similarities and differences in these 2 kitchens Louisiana


Differences kazhunskaga and Creole styles of cooking are often confused by those that are outside of Louisiana. There are many similarities kitchens, most of which are related to two origin. But there is a food ingredient that is responsible for the large difference in the two styles of cooking.

At the beginning of the French 17th-century men of Provence emigrated to Nova Scotia (then it was called Acad), Canada, forming a colony. By the mid-18th century, the British position in Canada have increased, forcing residents of Nova Scotia again migrate. This time they settled in Louisiana.

Other people from different parts of France, earlier moved to Louisiana in the 17th century. People from Novi Scotland settled in the country Bayu, west of New Orleans. Pronunciation of their name, Acadia, it was eventually reduced to Kady, who later became a Cajun.

Kayunskaya kitchen was based on local ingredients, and their ideas were from the village of French home cooking, with some influence of Canadians. From this style of cooking originated from the people of Cajun, which differed from the French cooking "upper class", it has already been created in New Orleans (Creole cooking). Less complicated cooking Cajun was wild, bolder and hot.

Creole cooking occurred in safe seven & # 39; families who could afford to cook. These chefs were often African slaves from West Africa, and later free settlers black Haitians. A mixture of spicy cooking of Africa home-style combined with French cooking techniques, as well as the Sicilian, Mexican, Indian and Spanish influence, which on & # 39; combine a Creole food. Today in New Orleans Sicilians responsible for preparing Creole "red gravy", spicy tomato sauce and mafleta, which is a large sandwich.

Cajun cooking is reminiscent of Creole cooking. This is because in both Louisiana kitchens use many of the same products. River oysters, shrimp, okra, pork, zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes – these are some foods that are common to the two kitchens. Both kitchens are most share what Cajun apply a significant amount of hot chili, especially dried and milled forms.

Several dishes include Cajun gumbo etsyufi, sandwiches for the boys and Zhambalov. All these creations include at least some chyliskuyu spices.

Cayenne pepper – the most popular from Chile to kazhunskay cuisine, used in some form in almost every dish Cajun. The most famous chili with Cajun & # 39 is Tabasco. Tabasco Chile – the only South American chili, which is produced extensively for commercial use in the United States.