Louisiana Death Records


Registry of vital records of Louisiana – a storehouse of all the records of the death of at least fifty-one years. Death, which occurred in Louisiana for more than fifty one year, recorded and kept in the secretary of state's office.

Records of death in Louisiana with & # 39 are confidential and can not be received by anyone. The only person who has the right to ask for a copy of the death certificate must be a close or immediate family member of the & # 39; and, the person whose name is listed on the death certificate or the legal representative of the family & # 39; and.

To order a death certificate, you must completely fill out an application for a certified copy of the death certificate, and send e-mail to the registry Louisiana military documents. Search death records can not be made if the information required in the application is incomplete. The application must include the applicant's signature, the necessary payments, as well as a copy of the identification of the state picture of the applicant.

To obtain a death certificate in Louisiana, the applicant needs to pay 7.00 dollars for each copy. In addition, the fee must be paid by money order or check the correct amount. However, transactions with credit cards are not accepted. If the requested file is not found, the search cost is saved.

The easiest way to find death certificates – access to public documents based data. You can get in the hands of millions of records of death, which can scratch and explore with the privacy of your home.