Louisiana hot sauce


When it comes to hot sauce, Louisiana lacks diversity. Tour of the aisle spices even in the most humble grocery stores shows range, which greatly exceeds the range of, say, ketchup brands. Or mayonnaise. Location government street calender was not just a shelf, but the whole end face a cap filled with a whole galaxy of hot sauces with names from the sublime to the ridiculous. Perhaps even in our highly karparatyzavanay food culture, hot sauce segment remains something wild borderland in which long-suffering heart and taste buds of pepper-sauce lovers still trapped. Why? Could it be that hot sauce has a unique culinary niche – one that can be considered as a souvenir, decoration pantry and masculine rite of passage, as well as food? Could it be that hot sauce department – it's the supermarket section in which teenage boys are at home? How else to explain the food segment, which can attract customers names such as Ring of Fire, or the Bayou Butt Vodka? Try to sell a salad dressing or guacamole on these conditions. No; hot sauce is unique, so this month I started very sub & # 39 objective to seek to determine whether it is possible to consider one above the other sauce; or, if you will forgive the expression, the whole thing in a lot of hot air. So, I offer my discovery.

Oyster says. With the help of a pair of snobs hot sauce with asbestos in the languages ​​I'm back in the calender to select a range of sauces. Necessity, not fear, demanded that we have chosen not more than eight candidates (it is difficult to conduct a reasonable comparison, trying to narrow the field to forty contestants). Thus, we have restricted your selection to only sauces made in Louisiana (Texas and, interestingly, New Jersey, is the other states, of which takes a lot of hot sauces); Then we decided to exclude all the sauces with a really tricky names. In other words, even though I believe that it is possible sauce brand Sir Fartsalot does offer an excellent impression on the condiments, the survey has been omitted.

Thus, the tasting group went to the Courant and ordered four dozen fresh oysters Louisiana, and not a few beers. Then each sauce was applied to six oysters for careful consideration of the tasting group that decided the task with great enthusiasm to convince the casual audience that we tasted Bordeaux in 1982, instead of pepper sauce, and had not had adjectives such as "live", "" seasoning "," citrus "and" full "were killed. Evangeline Louisiana hot sauce has been praised by its viscosity, but neglected" a close cousin to the hot ketchup "due to its acute, large wings." Where's it going? "complained to the panel poured about and J. Mom Slap, which was recognized as "run and run", without providing that meet at the finish hot peppers. Hot Sauce Reppeaux with Sterlingtana, Louisiana submitted rich smoky aroma peppers at the front, and was described as "the Bible" as of late the heat of anger, and for the fact that the label is quoted Joshua 24:15. the sign crystal hot sauce, which I have long been accepted as a personal favorite proved, all the salt and vinegar, aromatic orange and shows little Pertseva flavor when consider it together with a tasty sauce, e.g., pepper sauce Justin Wilson loaf Rosa, where a lot of packaged foods. warm and pleasant, citrus notes. Through her, you can try oysters and that was nice. Hot Sauce Southern Cajun, "cooked", not cold sour sauce with onions and sugar among its ingredients, it was delicious and not overly hot, but crammed delicate oysters and seemed better suited for barbecue. In the end, the opinion agreed in favor of Louisiana hot sauce Gold. Cadillac in the garage sauce Bruce Foods, Louisiana Gold, graced us with an explosion of fruit pepper, flavored with little amount of salt to shield property bryzgavaga breeze oysters. It was also very hot out of eight, but with a full taste, which made us turn to the related employees with a new appreciation. Unfortunately, we were not able to come to that same conclusion Louisiana horseradish sauce Bruce Foods, which seemed at first to promise due to the presence of horseradish, but eventually tried mainly mustard and wine. We could take it over the Bloody Mary, but not an oyster, some other time.

Pepper, vinegar, salt, spices two. Given that the majority of hot sauce recipes keep up with these few ingredients, it is surprising how different they are from each other. So next time when you are carried away by oysters, remember that you are in the heart of the hot sauce. This is another thing that we should be proud.