Cycling trip in Louisiana; Shrevport to the border of Mississippi

A trip on a bicycle on the roads Louisiana could be an interesting proposal, and quite challenging. Depending on what time of year you go, can also be a lot of pesky mosquitoes. One route is to get to Shrevport to Vicksburg, Mississippi, and if the crow flies, it is about 175 miles, but remember that we’re going on a bicycle.
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I-20 – it is about 178 miles and a direct gun, but remember that we are not a car and can not drive on the highway, and do not want it. Another route would be to Orange, TX on the border of Waveland, Mississippi, and is approximately 265, plus an additional 15 miles to the Mississippi River on Hwy 90, or you can choose to pick-up as a great stop and rest center vistor & # 39; bit abroad.
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For all practical purposes 265 – a lot of miles and can easily lead you on a night when the bugs bite in the worst case, so let’s look at a northern route to cross the country, and consider traveling 178, is not it? We’ll start in the same river casinos, or I do recommend opening ports research center down the street from the center of the expo, and then go north from one mile to Texas Avenue, which is also a & # 39 is 79/80 Hwy.
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The road is well maintained and safe to hold us Shrevporta and after 220 cycles without incident about 5 miles, and we warmed up for our ride and tour of the city on a beautiful Louisiana. Then it’s an easy trip to Mindy, State Los Angeles, and about 21.5 miles, and then turns off Hwy 79 and sent in Claiborne County, Los Angeles, another nice trip to a place with a lot of nice people, but we will stay on Hwy 80 at this point. After about 8 miles the highway plunges under the I-20 for about 28 miles in Ruston State Los Angeles.
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This concludes the 61 miles for a good break point, and then we continue on Hwy 80 Monroe, LA for 20 miles and then staying on Hwy 80, we again go out of town in Tallulah, passing on Rayville cities, Holy Ridge, Dunn and Delhi. It is about 60 miles. Next, we make a quick breath, and then a good 20-mile ride in Mississippi, crossing the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg. Great job! At this stage of our journey by bicycle across America.
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