Lafayette, Louisiana

If you are going to move in Lafayette Louisiana, you are sure to rejoice many exciting things you can do there. Despite all the charm that it offers from historic sites, entertainment to children’s museums, Lafayette – a great place to move something & # 39; and.
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Firstly, Lafayette offers Acadian Village, a park located on 32 acres. It is a typical village with vacation Cajun 1800s. Transformed into a community that passes on her waterways, Acadian Village offers several real houses of the 19th century, which were donated by families. They are equipped with historic wooden pegs and dirty walls, each carefully moving and restored to its original condition. Some of the best examples of landscape painting are in an art gallery, and a replica of forging shops too. It’s really a step back in time and offers fantastic entertainment throughout the year.

Cypress Lake may be one of the most beautiful wetlands, like a lake. Alligators, turtles, birds and fish – all that can be seen on this landmark habitat. It is affectionately referred to as “the Swamp”. It has a rich history and historical significance for the people of Lafayette.
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Jefferson Street Market offers a unique shopping from a central location and 65 shops under one roof. Where you can find beautiful French antiques and fine art regional artists, and it is a good show for the city.

With shopping centers, performing arts center, as well as with universities, Lafayette – a great place to play a little for everyone.