Local rapper Louisiana Silly Faroes game returns


Fatale Deytryka Fuller AKA Fool Fareal – a story that proves that through adversity and despair is always hope, and the light side of life for each of talent and a dream. Fool Fareal story began when his mother gave birth to him in the back seat of a car in a small northwestern town of Cullen Louisiana.
When he tells the story, he says: “I was born in the car, so naturally, I was born” rider “, it’s just in my blood.” He left early on the straight and narrow path, doing sports, but everything turned out even worse if its representatives of the family & # 39; and presented in the street. While his mother worked, it will take care of my aunt, and from there his older cousin taught him the game.
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Around 1994 it turned out to be a fool deeply related to drugs and gangs. His best friend Zhamara Hood condemned to life of minors under the age of 13 years for participation in a predatory killing, and later in 2003 fool sentenced to 10 years for robbery and distribution of cocaine.
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Fool rap began in the ’90s, but only to its conclusion, it decided to improve their craft and really serious & # 39; ozna make music. In prison, he decided to build a strong relationship with God and go to a more positive outlet through the creation of music from his experience and heart. After his release, he created his own label KASH. City INC AKA Cullen and Springhill City INC. And together they give the game a much needed share of reality.
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Silly Farrell Rises fatal rock

Armed with a new outlook on life, positive attitude, optimistic vision of a strong and solid team behind it KASH. City INC., Fool Fareal plans to move from a small town in Louisiana in the world. With its sharp, audacious and direct style of play on words, Fool Fareal has a unique way to guide you through the vivid images of street life and the reality of the pain that he suffered for his past with the grace and highly orchestrated precision.
His new single featuring artist Shreveport Rap Ant Antz titled “Losing My Kool” now goes to the streets by storm. Fool also released December 7, 2013 Mixtape criticism “Rebirth Of a Dying Breed”. When asked what he brings to the table in the rap game, he modestly said: “I bring a big appetite, the perfect street job, and I promise to give” you an epic story, you won & forget “FSM 2014.
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