History of inflatable bounce houses

In 1959, the first inflatable house with skipping, was designed. John Skarloc from Louisiana conducted experiments with inflatable domes for tennis courts. Soon he noticed that his workers like jumping with inflatable covers. John Skurlok mechanical engineer, then developed and manufactured several inflatable tents, inflatable dome and inflatable signs. They are fast becoming a very popular and useful for many. His greatest achievement in this field was the invention of safe air cushions. Currently, this product is widely used by fire and rescue services for the maintenance of people who jump from a height.

The first manufacturer inflatable and space walks was in New Orleans in a rented warehouse. In 1968, a lady nicknamed Francis has created an inflatable rental company, and in 1976 they built a special facility for the manufacture and leasing of such products. They advertised their inflatable objects at various events such as children's birthday parties, school functions, picnics and many other occasions. Gradually inflatable plate is gaining popularity. Frank's son Francis, continued its rental business throughout the United States under the brand name Space Walk and inflatable zoo. Frank also created the main inflatable indoor playground, which is called Factory fun on Thanksgiving Day 1986 in Meara, Louisiana. In 1987, the second division of the park was opened in Memphis, Tennessee, called Fun Fun. They invented the first inflatable – mattress with an open top, which had no sides, and called it the space cushion.

innovative product was launched to solve the heat problem. In 1974, Jupiter was born on Leap. These jumps were inflated column to maintain a network of networks, that air can pass therethrough, (The Modern Jump). In the early 1990s, Frank produced the first commercial inflatable slides, called Aqua Tunnel.

With the introduction of computer & # 39; or the product range CAD computer design, a variety of jumpers, available today, is huge and is limited by human imagination.