The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (movie review)

The story begins in Louisiana at a gala evening after the victory in the First World. Mr. Button returns to the family home & # 39; and New Orleans to stay at the bedside of his wife, as birth injury, unfortunately, takes her life. Crying newborn attracts his attention, but he anxiously reveals an amazing view of the child with wrinkled, deformed old. Foolishly, he runs out of the house, to give up the child, leaving him on the steps of a home for the elderly with a small cash stipend.

After that, the parents discovered that soon are adopted father, but anxiety does not interfere with the color pair to take the attention, what they perceive as a child of God, even ugly. . Dr. diagnosis shows that the baby is like a very old man who seems to be going to the grave. He advises the child to bed, believing that he has little time to live. Against his doctor's advice the new mother & # 39; Queenie & # 39; He considers special child and called him Benjamin with any intention to take care of it.

Benjamin is showing signs of a significant recovery, and his elderly appearance fits perfectly into his new environment care homes, but its old appearance bears adventurous youthful energy, which is located inside, and he quickly gets into trouble. Contrary to medical reasons, Benjamin notes the daily changes of the organism from day to day, feeling that he becomes younger, that does not go unnoticed by other tenants of the house.

In the spring of 1930, Benjamin meets Daisy with a six-year girl on a visit to his grandmother. Benjamin never forget, what beautiful blue eyes she has. In subsequent years, they establish a very close friendship.

Benjamin continued progress for many years. From its early arthritis associated with a wheelchair, he now walks freely, although gait of an old man. The path to the docks bring the work with & # 39; Captain Mike & # 39; the owner of the tug, and he then leaves the house under the watchful eye Daisy, who asks him to promise to write wherever he goes. True to his word, Benjamin writes; she, in turn, returns correspondence.

Towing tug & # 39; Chelsea & # 39; It designed for service in World War II, where Benjamin see active service at sea. He returns to his family home in 1945, where the inevitable meeting of two souls, when both his childhood Daisy returned to Louisiana. His young face little known in her, and he wonders how the girl he left behind turned into a beautiful woman. They soon parted with the company as their personal lives and the differences pull them apart. They always remain in the minds of each other.

In 1962, Daisy returns to Louisiana, and any differences between them are agreed. Their love and prosperous life together leads to a & # 39; emergence of a new baby daughter. They both come to the conclusion that they meet in the middle of his life, and everything happens when they also suggest. However, after a few happy years together, Benjamin has become increasingly concerned about what they grow in different directions. For the sake of his daughter Daisy, and he decides to leave, wanting to have a normal life with a normal father, with whom they can grow old.

Over the years, Benjamin, who looks like a teenager for a moment back in my life. Increasing the age difference between them is now obvious, and they reconcile, they were right to place for the sake of her daughter, who for the first time Benjamin gets a fleeting appearance. They are again involved in the campaign.

Time stretches considerably before the boy Benjamin and Daisy old woman taken & # 39; connect the last time. At the beginning of his turn the boy suffers from dementia, but apparently has a youthful appearance. Daisy brings a boy, when he returns to the baby, where prior to the last moment of recognition he dies in her arms.

History read her daughter Daisy as her true identity and begins to manifest itself. It was her mother told her story in the twilight of her life