Installing family bathing tents for the first time

Thus, you have a new tent, and you are ready to make the first trip. You all packed and ready? STOP Always install it at home. For the first time with a new tent, you will need more time to install, and it can be awkward to get to the park and continue to try to read the instructions in the dark, and maybe even absent.

Well, now that you know well how to assemble the tent and collect all the pieces, you are now ready to go to the park. You'll stay at the office camp and register. If you have previously registered, but they have a website, you can check them out first and see if the site has is better than the one you intended. Most campgrounds allow you to do this.

What you may think;

• Level sites with good drainage

• Water and electricity (this is necessary for my wife)

• want to be close to the RV & or more peaceful place

• Elevated areas

• An open area or a shaded area (I was in Louisiana, so I try to seek shade)

• Do not select a place located too close to the bathrooms or shower rooms, where people are constantly walking on your site. Of course, you can be there if you have small children.

• Near the water activities (again, I'm in Louisiana in water = mosquitoes, so I stay away from the water setting)

• Which website can be more focused on the family & # 39; w

Regardless of what is important to you, there are three basic things that you need to look like in business. Location, location, location …

Once you find a site that you like, take into account the above elements that are important to you, then you need to prepare the site. I take with me rake leaves and razgrabvayu loose and sharp objects, from where it will be in our tent. Make sure you aziraetsesya not only on land but also over his head to make sure that there is no loose branches or limbs that can go down under the wind.

Use the following for a tent. You can purchase the following characteristic to accommodate tents your tents. They serve a number of purposes, such as to protect the tent floor from sharp objects that may cause tears or punctures, but they also provide a clean surface for folding the tent. It should not be larger than the floor of the tent, but if it will make sure that you assign the surplus. You do not want any of his channel went beyond the tent tent where you could get water. It is best to use the mark, but if it is not available, then the brand will be made. You can buy a painting artist to Lowes or Home Depot.

If you do not wait for unpleasant weather & # 39; I am, you do not need to use a rainbow, but if there is a chance of rain, then at least to secure it to the side, so you can quickly pull it. I feel the first drop of rain. In cold weather, & # 39; e it will provide tents insulation. If you need to place a tent under the direct sun during the warmer weather & # 39; I, it provides UV protection for your tent. Fly will also give you a place to store, as your shoes dirty. Some flies provide a large area above the door. Turn and fly down safely from the body of the tent for ventilation.

Tents with full flies better on a rainy day & # 39; e. Full tent fly keeps the body dry and supports reduction of humidity, as soon as the rain stops and the sun comes out again. Usually you just see a full rainbow in the tents of better quality.