The Green Mile – film about Stephen King

"The Green Mile" – a film about a number of events of death in Louisiana in the 1930s. The original story written by Stephen King. The film was directed by Frank Darabont, who wrote the screenplay. Tom Hanks takes the protagonist Paul Ezhemba and Michael Clarke Duncan – the title role of John Coffey.

Film Center takes Ezhemba Paul, chief of security cameras of the death penalty. Paul and his guards take custody of an unusual inmate, John Coffey. Coffey – a giant, but it is extremely responsive and gentle man. Kofi was convicted of the rape and murder of two young girls. At first the guards are wary of Kofi, but his good nature soon changes the perception of his guards.

John Coffey soon displays extraordinary healing abilities. It serves urinary infection Ezhemba Paul and returns to life a mouse, which killed another prisoner. The guards realize that Kofi has supernatural powers and they lose if his execution.

The wife of the headman correctional facility is terminally ill. Paul Ezhekomb upset by the news of his friend. The guards develop a plan to smuggle John Coffey out of the prison, in the house of the headman, to cure the mayor's wife, and then return Kofi on the Green Mile. They all risk their jobs and may become criminals, to bring Kofi in prison and out of it. Kafi taken to the house of the headman, where he removes the disease from the warden's wife.

The story also contains the character Percy Watmore. Percy – a vicious and unpleasant prison officer. He intimidates and drops prisoners. He, unlike the other guards, and they & # 39 are stiff, but responsive prison staff and do not like. Wetmore agrees to transfer him to another office, if he is responsible for the punishment. He agrees reluctantly. However Wetmore Sabath electric current, causing maximum flour concluded.

John Kofi Percy Wetmore seeking revenge for the pain that he inflicted a prisoner during the electric shock. After Kofi back in the Green Mile, from the warden house, he transfers the disease he removed from his wife's chief Percy. Percy is set in a constant state of katatonichnym.

On the green mile comes a violent prisoner called William Uartan. During one scene Uortan grabs Kofi's arm, which sees that Wharton – the real killer of girls, for which Kofi sentenced to death. Kofi then uses his powers to convey the image of Paul Ezhekambu, head protection.

With this information, Paul Ezhekamb still have to shoot John Coffey. The man whom he knows, innocent and has the & # 39; incredible strength.

About the film told in reply. Currently with Paul & # 39 it is mainly the elderly and explains a number of events to another resident of the house of his departure. After the story is told, Edgecomb reveals that it is now 108 years old. This is an obvious side effect of John Coffey's life. However, Paul believes that his experience of relatives and friends – it is a punishment from God for what he did not stop the execution of Kafi.

Louisiana bomber called the "Green Mile" because the death penalty is often called the "last mile". In Louisiana floor green.

Green mile Stephen King wrote. King has written two prison stories, "The Green Mile" and "Redemption Shovshanka". Both have been adapted to film, and director Frank Darabont.

In 2000 "The Green Mile" was nominated for four awards "Academy". This is a "Best Actor" in the role as a "Best Picture", "Best Sound" and "Best literacy": a scenario based on previously produced or published. He has not received any of these awards.