Collecting things from tselyuloida

Tselyuloid is generally considered the first modern plastics. It was introduced in 1871 by the manufacturer tselyuloidav from Albany, NY. Using tselyuloida began with the manufacture of billiard balls, and was intended as a substitute for ivory. However, by the end of the 1800s it was used for a variety of products, from balls for billiards, to shnurochnyh laces, bracelets, buckles buttons, buttons, brooches, cameos, earrings Kame-bowls bracelets, dolls, complex toothpicks, housings for fountains, guitar kits, combs, hair, hand mirrors, pins for hats, pens, knives, adchynyalniki letters, boxes for matches, mechanical pencils, pins, beads, paper weights, bands, pocket mirrors, ring rings, rulers, pins, barrettes, shuttles, naperki, toys, boxes for vanity and many other items.

The above-mentioned tselyuloidnyya products produced at the end of 1800 – 1940-ies. Millions of buttons were made for clothing and jewelry such as brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. ancient fountains body with tselyuloida today very popular collectible.

Some of these products were distributed promotional materials for all types of businesses across the United States. The most popular promotional gifts are tselyuloidnymi stud and pocket mirror. The main manufacturers of promotional buttons on the rear shell of steel: Whitehead and Hoag Company of Newark, New Jersey, US product Cochocton, OH, The St. Louis Button Company and Bastian Brothers of Rochester, NY. The same group of producers, together with the other two in Chicago, the guerrilla company new products and the company Cruver Manufacturing, tselyuloid used for advertising back pocket mirrors.

Tselyuloid was not the best of all the materials that can be used for honored collectible, as it was very flammable. Balls for table tennis – the only products that tselyuloid use today.

The best place to find vintage tselyuloidnyh products and advertising tselyuloidnyh products – eBay.