Sabalnyya palms Part II: Sabal minor

Sabal minor comprises a plurality of cold-resistant varieties, popular in southern landscapes. Below is a question of this important species. Sabal minor (Dwarf Palmetto) This North American native can be found from North Carolina south to Florida and west to Texas. Unlike S. palmetto, S. minor forms underground stem that can grow at 5 and […]

Collection US military goals

The most popular collection of all US weapons – a presentation balls that have been honored with awards and were not intended for combat. Many of these balls decorated with gold and silver with delicately etched tip. Also cherished glasses that officers made for themselves, in many cases, beautifully made of expensive materials. Some collectors […]

Collecting things from tselyuloida

Tselyuloid is generally considered the first modern plastics. It was introduced in 1871 by the manufacturer tselyuloidav from Albany, NY. Using tselyuloida began with the manufacture of billiard balls, and was intended as a substitute for ivory. However, by the end of the 1800s it was used for a variety of products, from balls for […]

Ronnie Coleman – professional bodybuilder

Monroe Louisiana 13, 1964 was born my professional bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, Ronald Dean Coleman. In 1982 he graduated from high school and attended Grambling University, where he received a bachelor's degree in accounting in 1986. As a student, he played football in Gremblingskim State University under the famous coach Eddie Robinson. After college, Coleman became […]

The Green Mile – film about Stephen King

"The Green Mile" – a film about a number of events of death in Louisiana in the 1930s. The original story written by Stephen King. The film was directed by Frank Darabont, who wrote the screenplay. Tom Hanks takes the protagonist Paul Ezhemba and Michael Clarke Duncan – the title role of John Coffey. Film […]

Offshore tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico

To date, almost everyone has heard about the great tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, where offshore drilling platform sank off the coast of Louisiana with 11 fatalities as a result of the explosion. Platform Deepwater Horizon is owned and operated by Transocean on behalf of BP, one of the largest energy companies in the […]

History of inflatable bounce houses

In 1959, the first inflatable house with skipping, was designed. John Skarloc from Louisiana conducted experiments with inflatable domes for tennis courts. Soon he noticed that his workers like jumping with inflatable covers. John Skurlok mechanical engineer, then developed and manufactured several inflatable tents, inflatable dome and inflatable signs. They are fast becoming a very […]