How to become an unlicensed insurer will

If you are looking for a new revenue stream to supplement your current job or as an income replacement, become a proofreader insurance claims can be very profitable. This is especially true of regulators CAT. CAT stands for accident and applies to insurance karektsirovshchykav working with the requirements of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Most states require a license, but about 15 states, such as Colorado, have no licensing requirements to fitters. If you live in a state that does not require a license, working in your home state is not one of & # 39 is a problem. However, if you want to work in other states that require licensing, such as Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, it is important to lay a proper foundation. You want to be ready to accept the job without delay at the last minute.

First you get a non-resident license from another state, such as Texas. Then you can just get the majority of other states & # 39; license through reciprocity. Reciprocity means that the state, which require a license, will recognize your home or a designated home test status and give you a license to their condition with only simple addition and a small price to pay. They do not require you to go through the testing requirements to get a license.

Here is an example & # 39; s:

John lives in Colorado, which has no license requirements. He passes the preliminary licensing course in Texas for all the lines approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. Then he applies for a license for the Texas recovery and states that Texas – it's his calling. This can only be done if you live in a state that has no licensing requirements for insurance regulators.

Once he gets a license to the Texas tuner, it can immediately apply for a license in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, using reciprocity. He needs only to fill out an application and pay a fee to obtain licenses in each of these states.

Texas today with a & # 39 is the most popular place to get a non-resident license. This is also the easiest place to get credits for continuing education to maintain the license. Keep in mind that even if you have 5 different state license, you are required only to carry out additional education requirements for your & # 39; Licenses such as Texas.

Other states, such as Indiana, allow non-residents to get a license, but, unfortunately, difficult to find Indiana CE classes to meet the requirements of the license update.

Remember, though, if your state has licensing process insurance adjusters, you almost always have to get home license. There is also a small number of states that do not allow reciprocity, and require that all were licensed to work as a reporter in the state.

Here is a simple guide:

  1. If your state has a licensing requirement for controllers, you must first obtain a license home state.
  2. If your state is no licensing requirements, get a license in Texas for a non-resident, if your home is designed to Texas ".

This will save you time, money and celebrate simple. Become a proofreader claims can be a great part-time or full car & # 39; EPA. Now is a good time to be trained Licensing and prepare for jobs that allow you to earn an income.

Overview BloodRayne for the Playstation 2 (PS2), XBox and Nintendo Gamecube

BloodRayne seductively different from other games. The hero of this game, the Rhine, was dressed very provocatively and has a body that would turn my head, but that's not what makes this game special. In many games there are women who wear revealing clothes. What makes this character and this game is a sexual feeling, that's what she & # 39 is part vampire. Vampires are often depicted in a sexual world because of its proximity, which is divided between the vampire and the victim at the time of feeding. This game includes character sexually charged female character and gives her some feeling of horror movie with all creatures with whom must fight the Rhine. Any woman who can cuddle feet, wears almost nothing, but gives a great video game character.

BoodRayne – it's sexy half-vampire napavchalaveka that works to rid the world of the supernatural activity caused by black magic. It recruited and takes orders from the secret agency. Throughout the game, the Rhine agent communicates with the Agency in order to update them on the go, and receive new orders. Because the agent Rhine – pavvipir only, it does not share all the same drawbacks as the full vampires, but it still has to be careful with water and sunlight. Especially difficult is the first part of the game, which stands in the swamps of Louisiana.

In the 1930s, the Rhine agent is sent in the swamps of Louisiana, to kill zombies and spiders giant. Its purpose – to save the marsh from all the spiders nest that was no longer the reproduction of this abomination. This part of the game runs a little bit, but if you can just hang out in the following areas in which it is addressed, the effect of rises.

Five years after the Louisiana agent Rhine completion of the mission received from the agency's new orders bring the Nazis because of the work they do with black magic. Its goal – to find a laboratory where experiments are carried out, these, and stop it. In this area, a lot of fun to play as agent Rhine encounters some really horrible monsters.

Agent Raine gets many opportunities when the game progresses, it adds a lot of flavor to the gameplay. She can see enemies through walls and controlled by the red light to their goals. It helps in navigation of difficult places in which to get lost easily. Rhine agent can also move quickly to dodge the bullets that come to it. This step works great when ten enemies shoot at you all at once. Then there is a blood frenzy that intensifies as she pushes an example. This bar fills up so that you can use your supper, which increases the damage it inflicts.

Personally, my favorite part of the game is that the Rhine agent can feed all their enemies; if she feeds her life increases and decreases the life of the enemy. Jumping on an enemy and feeding, if you have a lot of guns, excellent job, because you can use a person as a shield against bullets. While Rhine agent feeds, it makes a very sexy moans that let you know how much she likes it.

Agent Rhine comes equipped with knives and swords to kill enemies; attacks on these swords can be really horrible. It can cut the victim's death, decapitating them or even cause them to spoil; all equally bloody. Blood splatters on the walls, on the floors, basically everywhere, and they remain there, even if you leave the area, which will help you find out you've visited in the area. Rhine agent can also pick up stray rifle. They are very easy to use as all you need to do is to block and shoot. Pistols need, if you're really listed.

Decent graphics; each of the new areas in which it is engaged, equally interesting and looks very realistic. The camera on the other hand can sometimes be late, and usually the only way to fix it – to lose the game. The player can interact with virtually everything in the game, for example, can be divided into the table, break things, and break the curtains, which is really tearing sound.

This game is quite long, but on top of the game is relatively simple, so the passage through it is to be a light breeze. It should be remembered that it starts quite slowly and sadly, but the further you get in the game more interesting position. I would recommend trying if you have the time to devote to the game.

Tips for evaluating the best time of the spring application of fertilizer for your lawn

If you wait until the outside starts to heat to start preparing the lawn for the summer, you will win the best results on the thick lawn magnificent summer. Dates are needed, but too early to fertilize the last frost, and the root system does not receive the benefit, but too late to win and do not provide the necessary nutrients. Fertilizing and prevent weeds – is the key to a beautiful lawn, but, as in all things, you have to understand the science that works to get the best results.

The best time of the spring fertilization

It is important to wait until the last winter before freezing before preparing the lawn. This does not mean that you need to find a narrow window just after the last frost. Generally speaking, when the soil temperature to sink and the first grass begins to grow, this is a good time to start mowing the grass and feed.

The best time for spring fertilizing depends on the type of grass and the climate. For example, in most parts of Florida and Louisiana get nine climatic zones on the map US climate zones. For the nine zones, the best months for the application of fertilizers depend on the variety of herbs:

a. Bahia grass – March and May

b. Bermuda grass – March and May

c. Centipede – April

Dr. Herb St. Augustine -. March and May

e Zoysa Grass -. March-May

In drier areas of the zone spring dressing can be carried out in April, but most of the northern and southern parts of the area nine falls in March and May as the best time for the spring feeding.

Other factors that should be considered for inclusion grass fertilizer

If you use fertilizer, which is also active against weeds, timing is crucial to achieving the best results of weed control. Florida and Louisiana have received more than the usual rainfall for the year, which can lead to increased problems with weeds in spring and summer. This is especially true when the crab grass and weeds have been problematic in the past season.

It is also important to consider the types of fertilizers to be used. Slow release fertilizers release nutrients over time, rather than all at once. As the lawn receives nutrients from the fertilizer with slow release, the root system can fill in bare patches of lawn. This will save the weed spot for the introduction and growth.

The environment should also be of concern. What you put on your lawn, eventually makes its way to waterways and water sources. The use of mineral fertilizers that do not contain phosphorus, protecting lakes and waterways, while helping in the fight against pests, disease control and weed control.

These tips should help you decide if you fertilize the grass to prepare for a lush green lawn. Inexperienced gardeners can ask for advice at your local garden store or contact a professional landscaping company that can take care of the lawn all season.

FEMA and Katrina

Many say that Hurricane Katrina United States government is to blame. So they left before the storm of people to their deaths to flood and drown; despite the fact that hurricanes come from Mother Nature, and the local authorities allowed to flood the 1500 bus, which no one ever took out of the city. The federal government and FEMA ordered everyone to get out, even had the president of the United States to go on TV and tell people to evacuate.

Many who choose to stay, it is a choice, and they should be required to live, or perhaps die, that personal responsibility. Some say that those people had no money? They did not have the car, they could not leave, they have not received a check for 5 days.

Well, not guchayuchy too careless, why not start walking: you can walk 30 miles a day, you have two days to go 60 miles to the higher ground? Those who could not walk and had to leave all these buses? It's not my fault, it's not FEMA wine, and it's damn sure not the fault of the President; despite the fact that he took responsibility for the failure of local government to implement "Plan Pam" and rid people of evasion. And it would not have happened if I was on any of these positions, but really the responsibility of the municipality.

Mayor Black is his people; We should not, as a nation, to listen to the accusations or to hear about the race or the shame of the former brown women FEMA. In fact, I think that FEMA would have realized this before the storm, if they had asked the mayor of Louisiana or the Governor of Louisiana. So I think I would rather have moved forward and missed Donald Trump's Atlantic City script in the style of "Guilty of games."

Many said; "This is all some black leaders have left to talk about. I am personally against reparations." A black American asked and said; "If we are self-sufficient and stop blaming the white man." In fact, in his opinion, he believed in it; "Desagregatsyya in conjunction with the well-being of the state, who walks lazy persons, caused great harm to black America."

We must admit that in fact it is really, really annoying. Friends of Black color I did not come helpless, because they – the performers, ruhalniki and shakers. I respect that. In sports, they often did when others could not; they took responsibility and did not wait, they came out, and God went out and got it. But in Los Angeles, there is a greater difference than in Los Angeles. Perhaps my colleague chornaamerykanski correct that low expectations really took their attitude to America. It does not seem right to do it, something to miss; This is all wrong. We need to stop it really is. This is not so, and it is not normal. Well, I think that people in any case self-divided, so the problem with people across all parties, no one goes without comment, but the blame game must stop. I think that America is tired of it; what do you think?

Dr. Tommy Boone while pulling your weight

If Tommy Boone was eight years old, his father set bearing in the bedroom door, which he shared with his brother. A full year later, Mr. Boone called his sons to develop the ability to do more and more pull-ups. "But after the first year," said Tommy, "tightening have become a common habit for both of us. Every time we went into the bedroom and every time out, we did a couple of pull-ups, and on this day, I still relatively strong for his age" .

Translate to pull gymnastics and long fitness

The habit of pulling that Mr. Boone instilled in his son, helps the boy to develop more and more upper body strength, and related sports interests as they escalated into adulthood. "In my case," said Tommy, "under the & # 39; volume strip sparked interest in the exercises, which in turn led me to Northwestern State University of Louisiana, where I competed as a gymnast four years, engaged in the specialty of physical culture ". To be more precise, Tommy Boone was a gymnast of all Americans in 1966, and under the & # 39; volume strip, which his father had found when he was eight, served as a reference point.

Dad was a lawyer, but …

Professionally speaking, Boone's father was a lawyer and a state senator who has worked with legendary populist icon Huy (Zirka) Long, who cast a long shadow in Louisiana politics. "My dad always wanted me to go to law school, and follow in his footsteps, so he was a little disappointed when I first announced its intention to exercise and train" – said Boone.

"On the other hand," he continued, "my dad always knew and sensitive to the importance of physical strength and health, and a & # 39; volume Front door – an excellent indicator of the recognition of a couple of years later, while studying in the North West, the Pope once rejected. me aside and admitted that he revised, and finally thought he could be on something interesting. "

From Undergrad to a Ph.D.

As it turned out, the speculative understanding of Mr. Boone proved prophetic when in the seventies and eighties fitness has become a full-fledged industry. Tommy followed his own training and coaching dreams graduate course in the northwest, and soon took a teaching and coaching position in Northeast Louisiana State University, in Monroe, LA, in 1968, after which he received a pedagogical position at the University of Florida in 1969, he spent two years, but, despite the fact that he was recommended to engage in work, Boone moved to Florida State University to get a doctorate. in exercise physiology.

Leaping into the future

He ran to the future, Dr. Lyapfrog the future, Tommy Boone has covered a lot of ground since Florida. Currently, he heads the department fiziyatlogii exercise in the College of St. Regis Sholastyki in Dulutse, Maine, where he was in 1993-94. He has also been published so many times (articles, books, websites, blogs, etc.) that he could single-handedly prevent the death of the whole department, if he had really wanted to.

The American Society of Exercise Physiologists

He is also co-founder and first president of the American Society of exercise physiologists (ASEP) of an international group of more than 500 psychologists exercises that focus on the rescue of relevant studies, the ivory tower and transfer it into the hands -praktychnasts to implement them are real people, seven real & # 39; holes that live in the real streets in real neighborhoods around the world.

Boone warns of the dangers of groupthink …

The insightful essay entitled Too much prudence leads to compliance and failure, Boone overcame eight deadly sins of thought gangs, including the protection of the mind, stereatypizatsyyu, self-censorship, rationalization, direct pressure, adinadushnastsi illusion, the illusion of morality, and the illusion of invulnerability. ; They all work against the odds to find real solutions to real problems (ie, childhood obesity) in the modern world. Groupthink can be a major obstacle to creative problem solving, if the hierarchy, budgets and people who are paid to think conventionally, come together and actively avoid access to your own comfort zone.

comfort zone need not apply

In his own words Boone, "ASEP not out & # 39 is an organization for researchers who want to stay in their own comfort zone exercise physiology before our eyes -. It's all about improving the quality of life of people around the world if we pravalimsya to achieve this, we will. It missed its target "Therefore, practicality -. it is the quality that is woven deep into the bones of Dr. Tommy Boone, and chances – all that could go to the big leagues. Start ago when his father found a simple under the & # 39; the volume bar, and urged his sons to learn from the lessons of the value created by a regular job for a certain period of time.

Practical tips for parents today

Speaking of bringing research to the level of the street, we decided to ask Dr. Tommy Boone, what advice he could offer the parents of the 21st century, who are struggling with problems such as childhood obesity and fitness in the face of television, video games, computer & # 39; yutarav. , Machines driven them everywhere, and physical education training program is reduced faster than you can say, "The child is not left"? He offered the following advice.

"The most important thing parents can do for children -. Is to simulate things that you want to make Actions always speak louder than words" – Boone said. "If you want your kids to eat right, show them how to eat. If you want them to be physically active, then you better be prepared to walk … literally. If you want them to avoid. Tobacco, alcohol and drugs, then do post right example. If you say one thing and do another, you lose all credibility. and if the parents do not have enough confidence, we lose all of it easy. "he added.

Training riding in the United States

In the 21st century, horse racing track does not diminish the offset value. State horse race and affects it out & # 39; e can turn a favorite in failure, and the long-range shot – a potential winner.

If you go to Vegas, and they say that the Rolls is the correction, and he rarely fills greater than 22, would you believe them? It is good that this is happening on private jump jump, and this is called a track offset.

In Pilmiliko in Baltimore, Medryn where the first corner is smaller than the small throw from the starting gate in the race at 1 1/16 miles. Horses with speed sprint and inside positions are clearly a winning advantage. Conversely, horses, forced break from the post 9-> 12, should be much higher and excellent ride to pray. Horse tracks, which are sealed, usually contribute to a fast speed. This is just one example, is a summary of the best tracks in the US and their own bias ~ Enjoy !!


Located in Ozone Park, NY, this track was restored in 1959 and has a 1 1/8 mile dirt oval in shape for spring and autumn.

It seems that the main dirt track contributes inner distance at full speed a distance of 1 1/8. Internal speed also generally well 5 and 5 1/2 furlongs. There are no reliable displacement that could be seen for 6 vans, although speed is always early at 6 vans NYRA tracks. At a distance of 6 1/2 van at one mile, it seems, the external position is an asset, if the starting gate is in the back stretch, and is far away from the far corner. A horse with tactical speed – another plus in these ranges.

Internal dirty track at one mile in winter meets the inner rail that has been historically important at all distances, especially the 1 mile 70 yards with 2 turnovers. They made some changes to the route in 2008-2009, when the track is thawing after a good frost, odd facet comes to horses, using the average track with the tempo. It is important to take notes on a particular path, to view upcoming changes or bias causes that carry things, but these deviations are relevant.

Belmont Park

Located in Belmont, NY, is the biggest track in America. The Belmont found 2 important race: there are the spring / summer, where there are well-known Belmont stakes and autumn championship.

In the spring of the main route tends to give preference to the fast speed at a distance of up to seven Fulong, while the races that are carried out to 1/1, usually win stalkers and average running athletics. At one time stalkers races that have external positions, usually have an advantage because of the nice wide turns. Those big wide turns, too, are trying to give preference to large horses that do not have the speed of a compact runners, but they can continue to run at a speed higher than the average.

In the fall of the rake becomes deeper and slower than the rest of the band, which further improves the changes of stalkers and closers. At a distance of 1 1/4 miles away external positions have to overcome and avoid problems with this wide trip. This is true for the Belmont at a distance regardless of the season.

Courses Belmona 2 lawns are movable rails that protect the internal pathways of many applications. In most races on the lawns winning horse with a solid breakthrough late speed. On this side of the front running, generally improves overall statistics.

Churchill Downs

Located in Louisville, the State of China, with an annual participation of the famous Kentucky Derby, this track has some identifying features.

Inner posts have an advantage on this track in two races cornering 1/16 to 1 mile, and 7 fulonh together with the distance from one mile in abutment with stretching & # 39 are top for deep zachynyalnikav. Churchill surface dirt is actually done differently than any other track in America. Most tracks have limestone and built on top of the Churchill dirt does not have such a base. This track is mixed with a deep layer of soil, clay and organic materials collected in a few feet below the surface.

If wet main track is actually getting faster and in an hour or a day after downpours surface can become the best surface for racing horses. However, if Churchill is dry, it is worth paying for horses who do not like this unusual deep striped, ultimately you will save money.


Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, this track was rebuilt in 2003 after it was burnt down in 1993. With new slots on the track purses have been added that give New Orleans a nice income.

With a long duration, which comes to play fair, internal positions do not have enough speed to take advantage of short-term run up to the first turn and affects routes with sprint. However, after the rain, the inner spline can be a great advantage because of the unusual drainage patterns.

Good point on this track – the oil path ~ It has deep roots and very different from other horses en-route. Do you want to continue to look at the shape of horses, but the horses who love to jump on this lawn, tend to repeat their performance when they return to it.

Fairplex park

Situated in Pomona, California, this small track at 5 van it was opened in 1932. Dense rotations nullify logical advantage which should be within the column, and has an opposite slope in the opposite direction of rotation in three race far off.

As a rule, the route is valid, but the horse can not cope with sharp turns and a big factor plays a jockey who has special skills in this field. A recent jockey Martin Pedroza – dominant in the park and enjoy it the most skill.

GulfStream Park

Located in Galandale County, PA, the park has been completely rebuilt in the period 2004-2006, and the track is increased and a small number of seats, which is a & # 39 is controversial. Galfshrem has a strong shift speed during the winter and spring meetings. The route jumping horse on the external positions have little chance of winning. In 2006 and 2008, the Big Brown and Barbara overcame external positions, and they were still excellent.

Follow colder than normal weather & # 39; e is overcome speed can be overcome. Widely discussed trend rate can play in your favor. Bet against the bias when, it seems, the suicide rate may occur. The sharp limitation of capacity ahead of everything else.

Laurel Park

Located in Laurel, Maryland ~ Opened in 1911, this track, which has a long run of 1344 feet, usually without bias, although the stretch runners and limited edition styles, as a rule, are better than most of the tracks. The only thing we have seen is that on this track horses that make above average "go turn" or demonstrate faster than the average speed in the middle section 6 and 7 races "furlongs", often improving their subsequent walks.

Louisiana Downs

Bossier City, Louisiana, opened in 1974, has a relatively fast rate of a mile and run 1010 feet, which often creates large changes in speed. The trend is even more common in the rest days, weekend or stakes. Look for horses that can get hold of and lead on the rail to get more of an edge at this track. On a grassy track all the way around, because we see that the average package of zakryvalniki win more than their rivals.

Monmouth park

Located in Ocean County, New Jersey. Oval path with one mile span 985 and short spans. Generally this track contributes to the forward running and the earliest type of speed on the inside rail at all distances in the summer. The big exception to the & # 39 is that if the rain on the road can become clogged railroad for the day, especially after rain, so be careful to thunderstorms.

Philadelphia park

In Bensaleme, Pennsylvania. This track has a main track to one mile from 7 inline rods similar to that to give preference types became n-th. This track is a little different from most, and like a deep closers, and that most of the tracks a unique speed.


Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the track & # 39 is the second oldest track in America. The track, with its long history has blessed some of the best trainers out there. Oval one-mile stretch with one thousand one hundred sixty-two feet traditionally preferred horses with a good fast speed to take control of the internal running band. It is this bias was widely known, but the update helped his temper, but sometimes it still comes into play, so be careful.

Saratoga Race Course

In New York, Saratoga Springs, opened in 1864, is a rich historical atmosphere, which can be felt in the stands. Quality horses are amazing during the summer meeting of 6 weeks.

Oval 1 1/8 mile long with a 7-pound belt in 1144 consists of mud, clay and sandy loam with limestone basis. Such a composition makes it one of the fastest tracks in the country. The race route also has 2 grass track. See inside the post on 1 1/8, as seems to be good here biased. Early rate is usually good in the sprint. External post really works for 6-7 wagons, especially if the track dries out after a significant rain.

Synthetic tracks ~ new wave of horse jumping


Here, in Lexington, Kentucky, this track has existed since 1936. Here are a few key points to look for:

If there is no clear evidence of a pronounced bias, players need only a little to give preference to the front stalkers and deep closers. Horses that work well on the other synthetic surfaces, as a rule, are very good. We also saw that the horses that work well on dirt tracks in the FLA, New York and New Orleans, Kinilendu bring good stamina and will be held, as well as improve the form of mud.

See this track to before & # 39; to reveal a bias, because some will be shown the blue and really stand out for a while due to the maintenance of these synthetic surfaces. Watch for changes in the predominant style of running. The last tip is that horses bred on the grass processing, especially on the road for one mile on this track very well.

Turfway park

In Florence, Kentucky, this track can cause a variety of changes due to seasonal changes.

In the late summer / early fall meet before you meet the three-week autumn Kinilende, this track does not have any suras & # 39; oznyh slopes.
During the winter session of the track can go radical changes, which helps speed horses on the track, in which the horse is moving the last win, so watch out for it. Some handicap to pluck slapped with a bias, but it may be some of the best tracks in the length of the boom.


Reksdeyl in Canada Antaryon, this old path exists from 1874 right in the heart of downtown Toronto. A few key points that you need to follow:

Horses run from April to December, and after months of cold out & # 39; I did not see you at all the big slope. Wait for some periods of unequal days during the warmest summer days. Maintenance can lead to bias in the extreme state, so just watch and take notes of the race, when it happens. Another important point is that the horses are moved to this route in the Gulfstream or the fair in New Orleans, as a rule, keep their shape very well.

Arlingtan Park

Located in Arlington Gayts-Illinois, this track is burned to the ground in 1985 and was rebuilt in 1989 into a beautiful trail.

Arlingtan should expect an average closers with stalkers support the embedded edge at all distances. Over the last decade, a beautiful grassy tract preferred horses with tactical speed more than confirmed the stretch runners who dominate the grass races on most grass areas.

Santa Anita Park

In Arcadia, California, one mile mile with a small stretch of 900 feet has a surface that shifts the alley. breeders cup 2008 has proved that this surface can be manipulated to present a strong overlap of traffic shifts without preconditions caused by weather & # 39; it.

Pay attention to any sharp changes, which will provide a deep rapprochement with the advantage, which is not found in most synthetic tracks.

Hollywood park

The Inglewood CA There are several key points that you should consider on this race track. Through previous seasons dirty race in Hollywood with a & # 39 appeared dead railway plastic or adhesive within the position of the problem, especially in the sprint. On the track there was no bias cushion inside the column.

del Mar

The Del Mar California, the coastal route was opened in 1937. It is better to save the path in the coming years is to give priority to medium and close zachynyalnikam on most of the meetings at all distances.

Golden Gate Field

In Albany, California will be more dates of the races than in previous years with the closure of Bay Meadows. On the track, there is a large bias, but some things are worth noting, if the track is playing a significant bias. The trend was in favor of extended cross-country horses, and in some cases, runners stretching in the middle of the pack. Note the leading jockey Russell Blaise when it comes to race and he goes, he & # 39 is an excellent indicator of bias. You can use this board for any track, because some of the top jockeys are quick to say prejudices.

Use the following tips for a subsequent transition of the track and you will see that profits soared. Always keep an eye on new prejudices, and watch carefully for the race, to find out what makes the horse-winner. Good luck and happy obstacles.

10 best places for fishing

Who would have thought that would go fishing so far? Where various events are held around the world. Now more and more people are taking part in the prestigious sports and for those who love sports, this is your chance to find out about the 10 best places for fishing in the United States.

Who would have thought that sea fishing, which had previously been only a means of subsistence, is now regarded as a sport? Now in various parts of the world conducted many different fishing competitions. More and more people join in this sport. Now, if you like to start fishing below the 10 best bets for fishing in the United States.

Top 10: Wisconsin
Wisconsin is known for its wealth of perch, dripping, Musk, bass and blue frog. It has 15, 057 miles of freshwater lakes in the border, which makes it an ideal place for fishing. The place is also associated with the shoreline of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.

Top 9: Oregon
Oregon is known for its famous fishing grounds – a river rig. Rogue River with a & # 39 is home to the famous species of trout and salmon Chinook. Oregon is also known as the Beaver State with 15,000 miles of fresh water.

Top 8: Montana
Montana – This is a different variety of trout, brook, brown and the top layer. This place is definitely ideal for fishing.

Top 7: Minnesota
Minnesota is best known competitions in ice fishing "Brainerd Jaycees", which are held annually, attracting nearly 11,000 participants annually. Minnesota is also called the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", in which you have to choose from thousands of lakes.

Top 6: Maine
In Maine there are 6,000 lakes for fishing. Here live mushkelung, balgematuz, salmon and northern pike. It is also a great place for people who love adventure in the deep blue sea, because it is associated with the Atlantic coastline, where you can get rid of the bass and bluefin tuna.

Top 5: Louisiana
Louisiana with & # 39 is home to the famous fishing competitions, such as CCS or tournament shore coastal community across the country and STAR or fishing Rode. These two events are well known to all lovers of sport fishing. Louisiana offers a variety of beautiful blue sea fishing adventure on the territory.

Top 4: Idaho
Idaho is famous Salmon River, the snake and the Silver Scream. It is also known for its wealth of bass, pike, salmon, Chinook and the biggest fish in North America, white surgeon.

Top 3 Florida
Florida – is the perfect place for one of the most prestigious competitions in fishing, and it is for fishing tournament in the capital of South Florida. This competition has been held for several months, and now it attracts many enthusiasts and reaches almost 50 000 participants of each tournament. Florida is also known as the fishing capital of the world, as you can catch different fish: mackerel, barracuda and sea winter.

Top 2: California
California offers two options: fishing at home and the beautiful blue sea. California has 3131 different lakes to choose from, and 840 miles of coastal zones, which offer a variety of salmon, sea bass, yellow tail and even the famous bluefish.

Top 1: Alaska
Many fishing enthusiasts, who visited there, Alaska is called the "last frontier". Some call it a fisherman. If you have the stamina to go on a sea adventure, then Alaska – this is the place for you. In its 3000 rivers and 3 million lakes, which you can choose. You can catch here 627 different species, which, of course, a rich harvest for any fishing fan.

Impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans

Most people will never forget the impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans. Katrina made waterfall with winds of 125 miles per hour. The lack of data and the preparation of the impact of storms made even more significant than what it would be.

Heavy rain fell on the state. Due to heavy rain the lake Ponthartreyn rose and caused massive flooding along the coast of the north-east. Bridges were destroyed, and the power has been ruled for nearly 900 000 people.

The town clock was subjected to ill wind and rain. Katrina stormed at full power, and 53 dams, which were to protect New Orleans, could not. Roads were damaged and there was only one. If the wind continued and the rain falls, the windows in high-rise buildings were blown up.

Since a lot of people before the storm did not listen to the word, they were sent to the Superdome, which has been converted into a shelter. With a large number of people who were sheltered, two sections of the roof adslabilisya and fear hit people who stayed there.

The storm took a lethal amount. The victims lay dead in the street, and those who survived, trying not to frighten place. Gone are the days before the victims of this terrible catastrophe was able to collect. Unfortunately, the first recorded deaths in nursing homes, where, most likely, they died from dehydration. On the death was reported in Superdomo where seven & # 39; and displaced just desperately trying to survive and understand the horror of what had just happened to them.

Today the city is still recovering. People of New Orleans trying to put behind a tragedy when restoring the house, remember their loved ones who recover the forces necessary to move forward.

What is the difference between the criminal case and a civil case?

This is a good question. It is given to me more than any other issue.

Here are some examples of criminal cases:

Robbery, rape, murder, all theft, theft, duties, battery, sexual assault, etc.

Here are some examples of civil cases:

The transfer of any property, the costume, lease disputes, etc.

The best way to learn with & # 39 is charged, the prosecution or the question of civil or criminal nature – the study of punishment. In other words, if the penalty can lead to imprisonment, the criminal case. If the punishment includes a fine or loss of the object, which is located in the country, it is a civil right.

Please keep this in mind, although in rare cases, a civil case can result in a criminal.

Example: You buy a vehicle, you can not pay the car note and your vehicle placed an order for the return delivery. Man "repo" comes to take hold. When he starts to take your car, you are confronted with it, to prevent it. You hit him! Now you can charge the battery. Your best defense in such circumstances – will allow it to him. You can always buy another vehicle. Should not go to jail and still lose the car.

The above example can also be applied to losses, lease, or any other matter. It is important to remember that not alter the civil case in a criminal case. In most cases, you will still lose with a prison sentence. Not worth it!

Take care, drive safe and obey the laws.

", Erwin Rommel I read your book" – As Patton training can help your business

Thirty years from now when you're sitting around the campfire with his grandson on his knee and he asks you: "What did you do in the Great Patriotic War?" You have won and should not say. "Well … I'm banging the shit in Louisiana."


Man, I love this movie. The club "Star Wars and fight," I quote these films all day and every day.

Sometimes when I sit and enjoy a good move, I discover a wonderful nugget or two, and when I looked like Patton during reasonable teeth was one that every entrepreneur needs to hear.

Paton film. General Patton good use, preparing to join Rommel and the Afrika Korps. The situation is terrible, as Patton should take the unit muskrats and slender shape them into a fighting machine, and it has only a little time to do it.

And, to add more fuel to the fire, Patton goes against cracked tempered general. The general, who is said leading historians, with & # 39 is the greatest general of all time, desert fox Johan Eugenio Erwin Rommel.

All tense. Patton ordered Rommel to win, otherwise they will lose Africa.

Second Army Tank Corps officers complete undisciplined and lazy soldiers who are no longer motivated to fight and win.


Second Tank Corps made a huge beating, leaving them battered, beaten and shaken confidence.

Yes. The dessert items are not rosy, and Patton should form a unit for ten days, to fight Rommel at El Gettary.

Thus Patton becomes a raging bull mode and begins to break a leg in the rear of officers and soldiers to get them to form. And to hate him for it.

Day to punch the clock and meet the division Rommels tanks on the battlefield, and Paton (understudy) b & # 39; e it!

If Rommel leaves the battlefield, shouting Patton, I read your book Rommel.

Why Patton won? How did he win? That's where his keys to victory on the battlefield?

Massive preparation!

Paton does not engage in, not knowing who his enemy. Sun Tzu said that he knows it better than anyone.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory you will receive, you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you You will succumb in every battle. "

But before the war Paton went even a step to prepare for war.

When he was promoted to being a man who will never give in, and to be "simple", he received a pilot's license, flying through their tanks and came up with ways to more rapid and effective mobilization of a tank division.

Preparation KEY.

Training – key to the negotiations, closing sales, and even writing copy.

Go fourth and be lush.