The history of salsa sauce – United Mexican


The history of salsa sauce originates from the Inca people. Salsa (combination Healy, tomatoes and other spices) can be traced to the Aztec and Maya Inca. The Spaniards first encountered tomatoes after the conquest of Mexico in 1519-1521 years, which marked the beginning of the history of salsa sauce. The owners of the Aztecs combined tomatoes with chili peppers, ground squash seeds and used them mainly as a condiment, filed before the turkey, deer, lobster and fish. After that, the combination has been called salsa by Alonso de Molina in 1571.

Charles Eros New Orleans became the first person in the history of salsasa, which began producing Louisiana extract of pepper, red hot pepper creole in 1916. A year later, La Victoria Foods has launched a Salsa Bravo in Los Angeles.

In Louisiana in 1923, Baumer Foods started manufacturing Crystal Hot Sauce, and in 1928 Bruce Foods started making Original Louisiana Hot Sauce – two brands of salsa sauce, which still exist.

In 1941, Henry Tanklezh formed a trading company La Victoria, which produced a new line of salsa La Victoria. He introduced red and green taco, and sauces enchylada – the first of the hot salsa in the United States. He took over the entire operation to La Victoria in 1946, which produces ten different hot sauces that cover the entire spectrum of salsa, including green chili salsa and red salsa-zhalapenyu.

According to the hot sauce history, salsa manufacture in Texas started in 1947 with David and Margaret Pace and spicy sauce. In 1952, La Victoria Foods introduced the first commercial taco sauce in US and in 1955 launched a line of La Preferida Saulx.

In 1975, Patti Svidler of Arizona launched a desert rose Salsa. Four years later, in Austin (Texas), Dan pole began producing commercial salsa Jardine & # 39; s, giving Austin the reputation in the history of Salsa Sauce as the hot capital of America. Another Texas company, El El Paso Chili Company, was established in 1980 by Norma and W. Park Kerr. In 1986, Miguel & Stowe Away in Vermont launched a salsa line and in April 1986 Sauces & Salsas Ltd. started producing brand Montezuma with hot sauce and peppers in Ohio.

Between 1985 and 1990, Mexican sauce sales grew seventy-nine percent; between 1988 and 1992 the proportion of American households that buy salsa, increased from 16 to 36. Prior to 1992, eight of the best producers in the history of salsa salsa sauce were Pace, Old El Paso, Frito-Lay, Chi-Chi, and 39; La Victoria Ortega, Gerdes and Newman. Until 1993, competition from smaller salsa companies was so fierce that Pace, Old El Paso, and six other brands decreased sales in Texas by three percent.

The big news in 1994 was the advance purchase of the two largest companies in the industry fiery food. Manufacturer salsa Numero Uno, Pace Foods, was sold to the company "Campbell Soup" for astronomical $ 1 billion.

Some of the best sauces ever made in the history of salsa sauce

Jose Goldstein Artichoke Garlic Salsa contains artichokes from Spain with mouth-watering California garlic. Sure hit with a bag of chips or your favorite meat. Excellent on pasta too!

Hot Salsa and La Paloma Mall Salsa La Paloma – the best of its kind. Once you feel fresh and robust flavor of La Paloma Salsa, you are hooked.

Despicable woman Salsa has won the 1st place in "Fantastic food" – "Hot & Spicy Food Show» in 1997.


Cajun seasoning – breakdown


Spices Cajun country – this is what many seem to remember first hearing the name of Louisiana and especially Cajun. There is a misconception that the "Cajun" is extremely sharp in all that is done, but it is not. Cajun cooking is based on aromatic and somewhat sharp recipes, but not really. We use enough spices and seasonings to bring out and enhance the taste of our food. In the market there are many different styles and brands of spices Cajun, so let sorted out some of the more popular and some that may be available where you live, or some that you can order and try.

Tony Chachere & # 39; s
This is probably the most famous brand names of the Cajun seasoning, and most likely, you can find it in the supermarket. He was found in homes across the area and have a very well-rounded taste and foundation. This is a very versatile spice and can use almost anything to add some flavor kazhunavaga. It is built on the basis of the Creoles / kanyunskay seasoning with salt / saw / and many other spices and herbs. If you are looking for your first taste of the sweet taste of Cajun and it is a great place to start.

Well, I think that everyone has a head of "Tabasco." This company has developed into a global company that offers a variety of different sauces pepper Cajun and other miscellaneous items. Located in the heart of Cajun county on the island of Avery, they continue to exhibit some of the best tasting items Louisiana. The well-known "Tabasco sauce", made in red or green color – a great seasoning to burn better than average, and has become a favorite throughout the country Cajun. No matter which of the company's products Tabasco you decide to try, you will not be disappointed because there is quality – is top shelf.

Zatarain & # 39; s
During the new year in New Orleans, the company continued to deliver some excellent articles and Cajun Kreola for many years. They offer excellent options in the seasonings market in Cajun and Creole, as well as many other products, such as skrynachnyya mixture of red beans / seafood / gumbo / etsyufi etc. balanced mixture which excites certain taste receptors. I probably would not want to get a chance to try Zatarains line of products.

I slam Mommy
One of the new condiments brands on the scene in Louisiana, they are quickly catching up with the rest. They offer a very good line of Cajun seasoning blends, including the original, white pepper, jam and hot seafood mix. This is a very versatile bunch of mixes, and you can easily find almost anything in order to add this superb strike Cajun. It got a little bigger hit than some of the previously mentioned compounds, but at the same time all over the upper part of the combustion meter. This brand begins with & # 39; to appear more and more all over the country for Cajun dining table and cooking.

This is somewhat more popular brands, but there is still a lot of local blends and mixtures that have been collected over the years great cooks Cajun country. Taste of Louisiana's Cajun country and knows no end. I hope you all enjoy it!


Hurricanes Katrina and Rita detects the presence of flaws in the casino laws


Without entering into the moral or religious battle over the pros and cons of gambling in the casino, it is clear that the laws on gambling is not as scary as they exist in many parts of the country.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed all the casinos along the coast of the Golf along the border of Louisiana, Mississippi. Hurricane Rita brought casinos in Lake Charles Louisiana. In both of these states have rules that require casinos to float on water. On the territory of the Gulf of Mississippi casinos – the main producer of income and major source of employment. After voters take the decision to allow casino gambling, why not let the game safe.

In Mississippi casino barges were thrown all over the city. C & # 39 there were pictures of slot machines, which are located throughout the world. Surprised at how much additional harm caused these volatile casino. It makes no sense, if you decide to allow the games to build in real buildings with real foundations, able to withstand hurricane conditions.

Many cities are going after the big companies are trying to get them to build in their cities. In any other sector you're talking about a major employer, we want you to set up shop in our city, but you need to place your & # 39; object on a floating barge in an area that is likely to be affected by major hurricanes. Or not many companies will take an offer like that?


Home and Garden Home, Part 1


Now known as & # 39; Crown decoration Louisiana & # 39; s River Road & # 39 ;, House and Gardens Home or & # 39; Sugar Palace & # 39; Since the house was known to plantations flourishing plantations, it offers 16 luxurious tourist rooms containing antique and periodic times. At the mansion, there are 38 hectares of beautifully crafted gardens. This magnificent tourist attraction, which is now owned and operated by Kevin Kelly in 2003, Home and Garden Houma has a rich history. It dates back to the American Indian peoples, Home, which received ownership of the property thanks to a grant of land.

Around the middle of the 1700s Jaume Indians sold the land to two men, Conway Morris and Alexander Latsilu. Over time, Property Latyl built a house on the property. Later, this house would be connected to the main house and was used as office space during the height of the main plantation products, which accounted for sugar. Hence the nickname mansion & # 39; Sugar Palace & # 39 ;.

In 1810, seven years after the Louisiana Purchase, General Wade Hampton, a hero of the Revolutionary War, bought the property. Soon, Wade has begun construction on the main plantation house. However, progress was slow in the mansion and accelerated, while his daughter Caroline and her husband, Colonel John Preston has not inherited the earth in 1825. After only three years the mansion was completed. sugar output also began to flourish when Colonel Preston and Caroline received an additional 300 thousand hectares of land plots for plantation.

Irish businessman John Burnside Plantation Houma bought in 1857 for $ 1 million. Under the ownership of Burnside Plantation has increased its production of sugar, until it became the largest sugar producer in the United States. Burnside also not preserved plantation burned to the ground by Union forces during the Civil War, declaring himself the subject of the British crown. Was it or not, this title has made its neutrality and its property is immune from American conflict. Burnside also built a railway for the transport of the sugar market. He became known as the train & # 39; sugarcane & # 39; Burnside was not only clever and cunning businessman. Not having a wife, and apparently no prospects, he offered to pay the expecting parents in the parish of money if they named their sons John.

Gambler, Burnside was very fond of betting on horse racing. One day, he secretly bought a thoroughbred with the blood of a champion of the eastern part of the country. He really wanted to win horses fellow entrepreneurs in local races. Not wanting to open their champion spun until the day of the race, he kept the horse in the billiard room of the main house. The plan worked, and Burnside found his horse at the start of the race. And his horse went on to win the race. Under the ownership of the Burnside Plantation Houma greatly prospered, but until her next owner did not take the upper hand, plantation reached its highest peak.


My visit with a former police officer Antoinette Frank death – convicted murderer of police and a serial killer?


Many weeks I spoke with Antoinette Franks through correspondence and telephone calls, and finally, planned to visit mortality bark to meet her in person.

Many of you may have heard of her business, but for those who did not come, here's a brief synopsis of the case and its condemnation. Antoinette Franks was an employee of the police of New Orleans (currently 37 years), convicted of robbery restaurant "Kim Ann" in the east of New Orleans, while the police, March 4, 1995. Through this robbery was killed by a police officer by the name of Ronald A. Williams, who worked as a guard (which she still knew and worked) and two workers who were brothers and sisters. She and another man (also convicted and sentenced to death) by the name of Roger La Case understood (her name and / or go to wikipedia to see its picture).

Later, after her arrest, the investigation found the man's body, buried under her house, which was considered by her father, whom she had previously been reported as missing, so … some labeled it a serial killer! She was convicted and sentenced to death September 12, 1995 and is currently on death row in Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women in St. Louis Gabriel, Louisiana (near Baton Rouge, Louisiana).

Initially, we had entertained the possibility of writing a book together, and as far as I know, I was the only journalist / writer, with whom she had spoken in 13 years, after numerous requests of others. The reason that she said she contacted me was that she believed that I do "tell" her side of the story. Later, after our visit, we both decided that it was impossible, and I will share with you why later.

In a cold and rainy day I arrived at the prison compound, and what to say, had to endure a lot of security measures. The search, questions and search again. One background necessary to study in detail before you allow to see the prisoner. When I entered into a special chamber trybunalnuyu Antoinette, we exchanged the pleasures and, in the end, we got down to business … What is the potential the book can go. Our visit lasted several hours, and we talked a lot about her life and about my life.

Now, why we were not able to write a book together. Antoinette's position for me was ambiguous. On the one hand, she left an impression on me that this book will be accepted, and she wanted to let the world (and God) to forgive her, especially something & # 39; and the victim. But then on the other hand, she persistently refused to give up their complaints! Why did it matter to me treatment? Why I asked her treatment? Well, my position is that if you are guilty before God, what address? Appeal essentially still says you are not to blame!

My position has been that if you plead guilty, admit it (I said that in fact there were two eyewitness of all crimes, and she initially confessed, but later retracted). And I really believed in her many letters that she had found God and is ready to "come in purity", and that I would write about her repentance. Why else would write a book?

As many of you know, I was once a police officer and was given to law enforcement agencies in 2001, as indeed repented of his past and wanted to pay the price, and again became a citizen of the world. I am sorry not only in God, but in all that hurt me for years.

You can ask, but Robert is on death row, intended to death John & # 39; ektsyi, why she had not applied? I also planned to die! In 1979, when I became a fugitive, I ran, because the word of the prison in Angola (and it was well-known) was that I was raped and killed on the first day! The cop could not survive in the general prison population, especially the prison, which has a number of prisoners, which has placed there the!

I was still looking at the same time prison and death for my surrender! And if for some reason they put me in a single conversation, I still had to do what is called a direct 30.

Do the math, 30 years "without" parole, at the age of 45 years, I find 75 years after release (if I live after 30 years). This is a type of death, and some even claim that death is better than in fact life in prison (30 years). If not for my faith in God and my desire to repent, I believe that the judge would give me this time. And to me that is the key to freedom … Pacaya before God vybachaysya for their sacrifice and stay crime. You do not believe in God? Well, it's your right, then vybachaytsesya to the victim and remain without a crime!

A few weeks after our visit, although I understood her fear. She hit the pin 22: to plead guilty, refuse the requests and may receive the death much earlier. Another catch – the use of applications (on average 12-15 years of appeals) and the extension of time for life, if you call the life of the camera.

I got out of this visit, a lot of letters and knew Antoinette?

I am grateful that the Lord finally gave me the strength not to fear death, or 30 years and gave me the confidence to know that He is real. I am happy that I was obedient to his commandments seem at first … He, then law enforcement agencies! My exhortation … please do not harm others!

(Note: the author donates proceeds from his book COP OUT to various organizations who abuse women and children!)


Investment Otto Anders made a mistake


In 2015, an elderly gentleman Louisiana unveiled at the nearby bank a truck with 55-galonavyh plastic jugs with water, which he collected in the previous 45 years. After counting the last penny Otto Anders received more than 1130 US dollars as the total amount of money. It is more than 510 thousands of rubles. For the general public, this news must have sounded fine, but for every American coin collector who collects and buys coins for fun and profit, Anders has lost a lot of money.

According to the News-Star Monroe County, Larissa, Anders called his every penny "stimulus, which God gave to remind me to always be grateful." In the case of Anders "penny saved" can be a "penny earned." Many of those with whom he earned money to get instant money, would cost more money.

Since then, Anders began dime store in 1970, it would take a lot of money, "wheat", which has gained the Mint during the period from 1909 to 1958. Even today there are many cents "wheat" in rolls that rotate. When he started to save in 1970, he would have found many great wheat cents. Over the past 45 years, a large part of each of these money would be more valuable than one cent.

According to the "Guide Book of US Coins 2015" RS Values ​​Yeoman, wheat center ranged from .10 dollars in "good" condition to a few hundred dollars in "almost" without circulation. Management also recorded a few extremely rare money, which cost up to $ 5,000 per unauthorized conditions. However, it is impossible to estimate how much can be a numismatic value of the entire collection; each coin would have to consider reputable dealers coins, which could help him sell his collection, but it is easy to imagine that Anders would have earned more than $ 20 000 if he had the patience to evaluate them.

In addition to the numismatic value, there is value for the precious metal value of the entire mass of coins in copper. All the American copper coins, vanity to 1981, contained 95% of copper. According to the website "InvestmentMine", in 2015 the average copper price was $ 2.86 per pound. Every penny Anders weighed more than 2,800 pounds. Thus, if he took all the coins, we multiply 2,800 pounds and 2.86, and the amount of copper would be approximately $ 8,000. However, according to a conservative estimate of the amount of copper, composed of copper was 75%, we got about $ 6,000, which is $ 900 more than he got.

Although for its huge collection of Anders received more than $ 5,100, it could get a lot more time if found that they all appreciated prepared numismatist. However, the good news is that if you live in Louisiana or nearby, you can buy many rolls of cents in local banks and is likely to find some of these higher-cent wheat.


New Orleans Seafood Festival


This fall, the 4th annual Seafood Festival in New Orleans offers residents and guests of the Grand easy try original dishes from favorite local restaurants. 10 th, 11 th and September 12, a grand and delicious three-day festival of seafood on the & # 39; combines the best of New Orleans cuisine for consumption. Fun and frivolity again pass through the hotel and Harrah Casino in downtown New Orleans.

If we consider the history of New Orleans, that immediately comes to mind? It is food, music, architecture – each of them is very much influenced by the culture of this beautiful city for hundreds of years. Famous restaurants in the French Quarter embody these qualities in life, offering the best food that famous New Orleans. In restaurants, it is planned to & # 39 shows: Acme Oyster House, Arnaud, Cafe Giovanni, Restaurant Drago's Seafood, Galataar, Bistro Mr. B and grilled salmon.

What wonderful treats you can expect at this year's festival? How about a classic and traditional oyster sandwich submarine Louisiana shrimp on & # 39; a battle? You can satisfy your food seafood salad and seafood broth. Your mouth will be watering drunken crab and crayfish cakes, shrimp cakes and reproduction of shrimp. The menu will also fish fried fish, fried oysters, seviche and alligator and sausage.

Live music acts provide background music soul and rock 'n' roll to the day of culinary delights. In previous years, on the stage of the festival were the leading local groups, such as "Soul Rebels", "Funky Nation Big Sam" and "Dumpstaphunk" Ivan Neville.

All proceeds from the festival go to a good cause – Louisiana Hospitality Foundation. Louisiana Hospitality Foundation – a non-profit organization that facilitates access to culinary education and the arts. The Foundation supports the case of health and social well-being in the inferior status of children in the state of Louisiana.


Win the lottery: In Australia, the modern lottery began


Winning the lottery becomes too difficult in the US

By the early 1800s in the US lottery enjoyed great popularity (along with winning the lottery), but the abuse of private citizens mean that the government does not receive income, who believed he had the right, and the attempts to prohibit lotteries began. In the 1820s, the first constitutional prohibition of lotteries was adopted in New York. One of the most effective ways of selling lottery tickets passed through post offices, but in 1827 a law was passed prohibiting the post office to sell them, and in 1868 Congress declared that it is illegal to use the mail for lotteries.

In 1856 in Canada, the law on lotteries explicitly prohibits all types of lotteries. This law particularly affected the Catholic Church, whose clergy almost a hundred years to fund its mission due to the lottery. Winning the lottery was one of the few ways impoverished Irish immigrant to get rich.

By 1878, all states except Louisiana, prohibited lotteries, either by status or by their constitution. Louisiana Lottery was one of the most successful lotteries ever and selling tickets throughout the country and the Pony Express mail, until it was banned. Winning the lottery was the same as "winning the lottery of Louisiana." In the midst of his period, the Louisiana Lottery received more than 90% of its revenue from government sources, but since its inception in 1868 has been Atachai allegations of political bribery and corruption.

"Honesty to pay, but it does not seem to pay enough to suit some people." – FM Hubbard

The US Supreme Court began the 20th century, confirming the states & # 39; the use of police powers to oversee gambling, which effectively stops all legal gambling in the United States, including the Louisiana Lottery. The Supreme Court ruled that the lottery "demaralizatsyyny have an impact on people." Winning the lottery was no longer an optional way to wealth.

Lotteries with their amazing history of financing public and private enterprises in ancient times, were banned in the United States constitutional provisions for the next 60 – 70 years.

Modern lottery: winning the lottery in Australia

And only in 1960 the lottery again began to operate in the United States. It was in Australia to look for the start of today's lotteries. In 1917, the Queensland State of Queensland introduced a lottery and became the first lottery, which started its activity in the 20th century.

In 1930, the newly elected government of New South Wales led by Prime Minister & # 39; er minister Jack Lang decided the only course of action to address the critical situation with the financing of public hospitals was the creation of the state lottery. It was during the Great Depression. Money was short, and the unemployment rate was 30%. Previous 10 years was a big flu epidemic, and feared that the hospital will not be able to cope with another. It was believed that the hope of winning the lottery in fact force the population is widely financed hospitals.

As in the US, about the & # 39; reality has created a political storm. Opposing political parties on the & # 39; joins forces with churches to condemn the decision. Said that "evil Lotteries and downplaying the damage" and "It will demoralize the youth of our country."

June 22, 1931 was proclaimed the law on lotteries, which the former Commissioner for Taxation was appointed the first director of state lotteries. In August, the sidewalks were filled when people stood in line for more than three blocks from the building of the State Lottery to enter in the first lottery. All hoping to win the lottery. For foal & # 39; ovki was hired by Her Majesty's Theater "Pete Street."

At the beginning of 1932 at the opening of the bridge at the Sydney Harbor were introduced three special lottery, which received the first prize at the unheard-of sum of 20,000 pounds (40,000 dollars).

In November 1957, the lottery ticket number 1 opera house went on sale to finance the Sydney Opera House building. The first prize of 100,000 pounds (A 200 thousand dollars).

Until the 1990s, Australia's national lottery games were introduced. Now there are several options from which shall be paid not less than 13 mln. US dollars (13.2 mln. US dollars) each week. This payment is 60% of total earnings draws that compares favorably with the 45% of most European lotteries and 50% in most of North America lotteries. In addition, 5% is taken from each draw the prize fund and added to the prize fund Superdraw which has 4 or 5 times a year. Jackpot worth up to 30 million dollars (30.5 million US dollars) is not uncommon. Jackpot incredibly increases the number of players who plan to win the lottery.


Advantages of building green


If you are planning to build a new house, consider the savings that you get from building a green house. Following the acquisition of real estate Baton Rouge, where you decide to build your home, ask your builder about what he or she can do to make your home more energy efficient and green. This not only helps the environment, but also your pocket book!

Insulation – this is the most simple change, which has the greatest impact on energy reduction, which requires your home to run it. Well-insulated house will pay for itself over and over again through the hot summer and cold winter months. You will see a huge reduction in energy bills.

The size of your home is also changing. Consider your plans for the house carefully and decide how much space you really need. Obviously, the bigger the house, the more energy is required to make it work. You can cut costs by building a smaller house.

The windows allow a lot of energy to avoid the house. Regarding the choice of windows for your new home, choose energy efficient windows, which not only hinder the elements, but also actually work to keep your home. Glass with low emissions actually reflects heat and cold away from home, respectively, which means lower energy costs for you.

Green House – a great way to save money. You're not just going to do their own land, but will save money every month.


Facts Fleur de Lys


Rich in history and legend Fleur de Lys with & # 39 is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. Introducing or lily or iris, his motive comes to us from the distant past and to this day remains a mystery as to its origin.

Thus, it symbolizes? In fact it is a stylized flower, which over time has been associated with royalty. Presenting elegance and class, this robust emblem has been used as a decorative element on shirts, ornaments and even objects for home decoration.

Where it all begins, and as a symbol used for?

Monarchy and heraldry

While the fleur-de-lis on the eyelids with a & # 39; he was on many flags and coats of arms of Europe, it is mostly associated with the French monarchy. Fleur de Lys is used as the dynastic emblem as early as the 12th century, and was adopted seven noble & # 39; families, such as the Royal House of Bourbon.

This character is also noticeably occurs with other European monarchs and heads, such as the value of the crown of England and Scotland, where he was an important part of the design of the Scottish royal arms and the royal standard from the time of James 1 from Scotland.

Around the world

What does the logo for different countries? Some interesting facts that are part of the story, include fragments of these stories. As soon as the French settlers moved to the New World, emblem soon became associated with such areas as Quebec and Nova Scotia in Canada and south of the border in Louisiana, Louisville, Kentucky and New Orleans in the United States.

This symbol is also used less conventional methods! After Hurricane Katrina, some novaarleantsav all ages and backgrounds were tattooed French motif as one of its cultural emblems and memorial as a storm.

After Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana Governor Bobby Zhyndal signed July 9, 2008 a bill that makes fleur de Fox official symbol of Louisiana. It is also widely used in New Orleans as an emblem grass-roots support for the New Orleans & # 39; recovery. It occupies a special place in the heart of New Orleans.

modern customs

Often design fleur de lis is still used to this day and is a constant presence in the daily life of heraldry. What does the Fleur de Lys, where various organizations are still using this logo?

For example, drummers Madison Scouts and Bugle Corps, located in Madison, Virginia, have a logo as its official logo, where members and former members of the sports have signature tattoos Fleur de Lis!

He also & # 39 is the logo of various sports teams, as well as a football team, "Fiorentina", the football team "New Orleans Saint," basketball team "New Orleans Hornets" and, last but not least, the former team of the National Hockey League Hockey League "Quebec".

Another fact fleur de lis with a & # 39 is that it also presented military badges, such as the Canadian Expeditionary Force of World War I, military command of the 256th Infantry Brigade and the Cadet Corps at Louisiana State University.