Estate Planning Louisiana under the Napoleonic Code, a little "different"


Louisiana law requires that intestate detached property is inherited in a unique way of inheritance, unlike most other states. This procedure is somewhat complex, and its unusual position often undesirable and disruptive for some surprises & # 39; and.

If one is married, but does not have the will, the legacy of Louisiana is the same as that of one person. That is: the actual use (use) of funds and assets transferred to the parents of the deceased; late and brothers and sisters provided the bare ownership. If the parents of the deceased first die, the brothers and sisters, imitate the full ownership of the property right.

Where the wife or the husband in all this? Go out in the cold, without a will, which indicates his legacy. Children are protected by a few in the absence of freedom – but the spouse does not inherit nothing but their own society … and "public property" is not defined as the majority of people believe that it is; On the contrary, many securities values ​​may be "separate property", and it speaks of the danger to the surviving spouse.

According to the legal definition, private property – is the one that acquired prior to the marriage; inherited or acquired donation one spouse individually; or acquired by one spouse to the individual funds or private funds and funds of society, where public funds are very small in comparison with the individual funds.

As it is legal translates into real life? Well …

Say, two young married men are beginning to buy business property together. Their wives are not involved in these acquisitions, and each writes itself "vmyashalnikam" (that is, they claim, and agree that the property is purchased from the spouses separate means and is not included in the marital property). Now tell me what the two men were killed in a tragic accident, and, being young, healthy and safe, they never thought to prepare a will.

This "private property" is not a & # 39 is part of the ownership society – although it was bought after the marriage – and no wife will not receive an inheritance. If none of the men do not have children, the heirs become parents or brothers and sisters of the deceased. If men have children, the children will inherit the bare ownership, but not the right to use. In any case, his wife – the mother of these children – will not inherit any nudity or nutritional rights are absent in the will, which states that any more.

For another example, suppose you receive an inheritance camp or plots of land in Louisiana, and while you were married twice, you have never had their children. Your second wife had children with her first husband, but if you educate them and love them as their own, you will never vsynavlivali children legally. If you die before execution of the will, and camp plots of land with a & # 39 are private property (because you inherited them individually, rather than as a community).

Your wife can not inherit your private property if you do not leave it in his will, and in this case, the children you love and educate as you are entitled to follow since they have never been taken legally. The absence of a will, which states otherwise, your parents, when live, inherit the separate property; if your parents are dead, your brothers and brothers followed.

It is understood that the features of the Louisiana law requires that any person who has property left to find the time to properly make a will with confidence, to make sure his family & # 39; I cared and provided in accordance with his wishes. With regard to individual property in Louisiana, then no marriage is no protection for her husband and the other (but well-formed) – to protect them in the event of your death.

Planiravanae proper estate planning Louisiana to provide protection for your family & # 39; and. With more than 30 years of experience, "Melher" law firm lawyers use their knowledge and circumstances of the client to determine the type of trust or recommendation.


Property Laws in Louisiana – what you should know as a real estate owner


State legal systems in the US are based on one of the two legal systems. Forty-nine states base their legislation on the common law system, first used in England.

However, one Louisiana uses French Napoleonic Code as the basis of its legal system. While conventional legal systems are based on the judges' decision on the establishment of precedents, which are used for decision-making later, the system of Louisiana does not.

Napoleonic Code is designed to simplify the laws at the time, when many people were illiterate or did not have access to printed information. Ironically, efforts to create a more simple and understandable legal system led to one of the more complex and less clear sets of state laws here in Louisiana.

There are many other differences between the two systems, but it is not so important to know every difference is understood that there are significant differences between the laws of the State of Louisiana and the laws of most other states.

Fundamentals of Property Law

Property law – the laws relating to land and all that is built on the land, including the right of ownership, use and transfer of ownership of the land. As discussed above, the unique heritage of Louisiana law affected the existing laws in many ways. One of these methods with 39 & # is the term used to denote the property in this state. While the rest of the United States is using "property" in legal documents, Louisiana property referred to as "real estate".

Inheritance and "forced heirs"

Another area that requires special attention – it is a legacy in Louisiana. The laws relating to inheritance derived from the Napoleonic Code, had to ensure that the property remained in the family & # 39; origin and, therefore, if the other 49 states allow you to transfer the property, the owner prefers after their death in Louisiana is not always so .

Laws relating to property inheritance, may be ordered to close relatives, including the parents or the children inherit the property before anyone else.

Ownership of the company or a private property?

Property Laws in Louisiana share ownership of two categories:

  • community property
  • separate estate

Although the difference between the two differences may seem initially, the line becomes less clear on closer examination. For example, after the couple marries, all the properties are not automatically buy the property of the community, and in the case of divorce, one spouse may not have any claims or rights with respect to those or other possessions. Some of the factors considered in this situation – is when you purchased the property and funds of the participants were employed, which may be complicated by the fact.


Camping tents for family: family camping in Louisiana 2nd segment


The first camp, which I mention – it is near and dear to my heart. The reason is that it is located in the heart of Cajun country. This camping under the name State Park Lake Fausse Point and is located twenty miles from St. Louis Martsinvilya, Louisiana. Address Park – 5400 Levee Road, St. Petersburg, Martinville, LA. 70582. There are several ways to travel to the park, so it is recommended to study the routes to determine which would be most appropriate for your planning.

Faus Lake Point State Park consists of more than six thousand hectares in Atchafalay pool, which was formerly home to Chymacha Indians. The region is dominated by French and akadyyskiya farmers and traps. Spaniards gained control of the land with 1763 by 1802 This has created a territory, rich cultural heritage and diversity.

Camping offers a variety of & # 39 facilities, including cabins and more than fifty campsites, most of the submarine and the electrical connector. The charges can be found on the website Lake Fausse Point or on their page to Facebook.

Despite the fact that I prefer to camp in that fish, there are other activities such as boat rental (diversity) and water playground from April 1 to October 31.

I also note that there are a number of historical sites, such as historic monument Evangeline Oak Longfella in the nearby church of St. John Martsinvilya. I, too, would have been rejected if I did not mention the food area. Seafood is abundant in this region, and a family trip is not complete without trying boudins and Cracklins and if in this region at the right time, the world-famous Couchon Au Lait.

In the next campsite I would like to give some information is located in South Central Louisiana and named Chikoy state park near the town of Ville Platte, Louisiana, with the address 3469 Chicot Park Road, Ville Platte, LA 70586. Here again I recommend to carry out research route, to determine what best corresponds to planning a trip, as there are several available.

Chykot State Park has six hectares of hills and water. Record size of the catch of various fish was caught in the pristine waters. In this park there are wildlife, birds and waterfowl. The scenery and wildlife – this is a great card with a picture.

Some of the services provided – it suites, lodges and even a group camp. There are also 198 camping sites with water and electric connections. Also available are primitive campsites. They can be hiking or canoeing, and consist only of the bench and fire ring. South camping closer to the entrance, and a & # 39 is my favorite place, if the tent tent. Camping reservations and rates are available on the State Shykot website or Facebook page.

I love to go camping and fishing in this camp. I think this is a laid-back attitude. It is also within an hour's drive from Marksvilya County, Los Angeles (Paragon Casino) and only thirty minutes from the hotel Freds Bar in Mamou, the State of Los Angeles, two of my favorite places. If you know anything about Louisiana, you know what I mean !!

Until next time, Happy Trails and out and create family memories.


Requirements and recommendations auto Louisiana


From state to state, there are always different requirements for licenses and professional licenses. This also applies to car dealers license. Here, in this tutorial, we will discuss the requirements specific to the bond dealers Louisiana car. There are a few unique items that stand out when you re-acquainted with the rules of other states, and regardless of whether you open its first dealership, or you just need an update to the current job, you can use this information to stay on the right track.

Louisiana is unique in that they destroy their claims to ties in the areas of dealer based on the & # 39; volume. To resist other states, such as Florida, which classify dealers depending on the types of cars they sell used cars or new cars from the manufacturer, recreational dealers, and so on. But Louisiana's all about how much you are selling on the lot.

This means that the dealerships that sell less than 120 cars in the previous 12 months, have the requirement of bonds in the amount of $ 20 000. Dealerships that are just opening, also receive the threshold of 20 000 dollars, rather than a higher volume limit.

Dealerships that sell more than 120 cars for 12 months, must increase its bond to $ 35,000 if every year you increase or decrease the size of, or have a tendency to move back and forth, and hung straight about 120 limit, which is 10 cars per month, it always depends on the previous 12 months.

In Louisiana car dealers bonds last year, providing an annual update requirements. They will work in a calendar year, which means that they will always expire on 31 December. This makes it easy to track, because you do not have to remember a random date in the calendar, just the end of the year.

In addition, to obtain and then maintain the car dealer's license in Louisiana, you need to get a municipal liability insurance in addition to the warranty of the dealer's bond. The minimum limit here is 55 000 dollars. In addition, your license is good for two years, although as described above, your car dealer bonds need to be replenished annually.

As always, consult with a professional who has experience with the requirements of your state. They must ensure that you perform all of their licensing requirements, helping you to get fair prices for their bonds, and any other insurance that may be required, for example, the aforementioned duties garage.